CUSTOMER Testimonials

"Mom's Favorite 2X Double Caff Blast is the best coffee I have had in a long time! Thank you so much from this exhausted mom!"

Christine Žubrinić Castillo

As a mama who has been working from home since before it was cool, I was excited to add Scotty P's to my coffee rotation. Two cups of Breakfast Blend later, & I can say that I'm a fan of both Gilmore Girls & this smooth coffee! Already ordered a three-pack of the French Vanilla, Hazelnut, & Jamaican Me Crazy - can't wait to try them all!"

Caiti Riffee

"My morning espresso is a cherished event…Finding the perfect cup is a hobby of mine…the aromatic experience, while grinding the beans, to the first sip, I enjoy each step and soak it in. Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee did not disappoint. There was no trace of bitterness. It was as sweet & smokey as it claimed to be. It was a delicious surprise."

Abbi Glines

"I'm now officially drinking coffee like a Gilmore. Whether you're a GG binge watcher or not, all coffee lovers can appreciate a good cup of caffeine and Scott Patterson (AKA Luke Danes) has brought that from Stars Hollow to the real world."

Brooke Retell

"Honestly I love this coffee & do not want to drink any other brand. Scott has knocked it out of the park with his coffee, the aroma is delicious, the coffee is so smooth & flavorful, there is no bitterness at all. Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee has me drinking coffee like a Gilmore Girl for real!"

Melissa Borowski

"Scotty P's Breakfast Blend....Delicious! If this is what Luke's coffee tasted like, I can see why Lorelei was so addicted!"

Courtney Laine Hatcher

"GREAT COFFEE!! No bitter after taste. I bought the Breakfast Blend Kcups & had my first cup just this morning & I'm hooked. I'm an organic coffee drinker, organic doesnt have the bitter taste most coffees leave behind. I had been looking for a regular coffee without the bitterness. I found it in Scotty P's. FINALLY!!!"

Lulu Sellers

"Thank you for taking the time to research the coffee plant & for putting together a coffee that is really smooth & great to start the morning with. My husband ordered me the house blend, and we had our 1st cup this morning. The blend of coffee is one that we can drink all throughout the day."

Joey Lisa Jones

"House Blend by Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee. This is the best coffee I have ever tasted!"

Jackie Vale Wright

"It's the kind of coffee that you would expect the man who played LUKE to serve you. I ordered the French Vanilla & I'm HOOKED, nothing else I've bought has the rich flavor that this has! I am going to try the Hazelnut next. So yummmmm "


"The House Blend is delicious, very smooth & not bitter. I've been a barista going on 5 years now, worked at two different coffee shops & taught a barista class & yet this is still the best coffee I have tasted. I will be a frequent returning customer."

Tamara Hoops

"The smooth, smoky aroma of the Breakfast Blend filled the dining room with coziness and anticipation. Pouring it into the mug awakened all my senses, as my hands began to warm up for the day...This is how a cup of coffee should make you feel. The Breakfast Blend marked a glorious beginning of a wonderful day."

Monica Debia-McKinley

"The taste is so much smoother than any other brand that I have ever had. I am literally in LOVE with Scotty P’s K-Cups! I have officially found my new caffeine supplier!...This is the perfect coffee to take me through my daily journey which my caffeine is needed!"

Jayme Lynn Fullick

"A cup of heaven! Today I tried the Breakfast Blend for the first time and what a smooth blend with so much flavor...A delicious coffee which you can enjoy not just at breakfast, but throughout the whole day. . Definitely have a customer for life!"

Grace Miles

"Just received the new Breakfast Blend. Just had my first cup. It was extremely smooth. I only added a bit of milk, very tasty indeed. I am one that likes a milder roast so this checked the box for me. I hope to see flavored blends added soon."

Laurie Kransky

"I chose the French Roast for my first bag...I was in heaven as the scent of fresh brewed coffee wafted through my kitchen...Rich, full flavored, smooth and delightful.. Unlike other coffee that can be bitter, this French Roast is a real pick-me-up and tasted delicious with each sip!"

Nancy M.

"House Blend is simply delicious. The coffee cherry is not overpowering and compliments the flavors very well. I also like that it has antioxidants for a healthful benefit at the same time so I don't have to give up my daily coffee."

Tina Sabat

"When people have said this coffee is so smooth and not bitter at all, I had to try it out. Being a black coffee drinker I am exceptionally picky about what goes in my cup. This coffee truly lives up to its reviews. This is the best coffee I’ve had, probably EVER. I’m so glad I gave it a shot."

Jackie Williams

"As soon as I opened the box I wanted it right away. It smells amazing. I purchased the Breakfast Blend and it did not disappoint. It's delicious! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Amazing coffee! ...I've been a fan for many years. I will make sure to tell everyone about your wonderful coffee."

Candice Elaine Owen

"I received some of this fantastic French Roast coffee as a Christmas gift from my hubby. He knows I’m a diehard Gilmore Girls fan, so why not try some of “Luke’s” coffee? Absolutely loved it, fantastic flavor! Will definitely be ordering some more, and telling my friends about it!"

Amanda Wajszczuk