Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to write and let you all know the latest news and also wish you a Happy Halloween! We are carving pumpkins at my house at a record pace and setting them up OUTSIDE so they can’t smell up the joint. They look great lit up and it’s amazing how a few vegetables can warm the heart.
As we expand the business and the number of offerings, so have our expenses grown. That means we’ve adjusted shipping rates upward in order to maintain the quality of the coffee and as the cost of Arabica on the open market rises, this too places stress on our pricing structure at the $49.99 order and below. But……...
…..Here’s the good news! The big brains over at Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee all got together and…... formed a rock pile! Lol. Just kidding. I like to kid. The good news is we figured out a way to save you 15-20% on not only your cost of coffee per ounce, but also on your cost of mugs. We worked long into the pumpkin-glowing hallowed nights to figure it all out but we did it! 
The simple answer to big savings for my lovely customers is this - bulk orders OVER $50 saves you BIG TIME, and bulk orders over $70 saves you even more. That’s the math of it, and I could go into all the details but I trust that you trust me to bring you the best coffee and at a fair price and the $50-80 bulk order saves you not only on your cost of coffee and mugs, there’s also an added bonus……I pay for the shipping on all U.S. orders over $50. It’s free. You get more product at a lower cost average and I gladly pick up the tab on the shipping. 
Let me repeat this…I PAY FOR ALL SHIPPING ON U.S. ORDERS OVER 50 DOLLARS. It’s on me. We hope you are as thrilled as we are, and with the holidays coming up we’d love for you to take advantage of these big savings. I want you paying less per ounce for your coffee than before, and I want to return the favor by footing the bill to have it shipped to you. Let’s do that.
Okay, Amazon news…and this is life laughing at those of us who make detailed plans with timelines. Our 12 oz. ground coffee will be available on Amazon right around December 6 and maybe a little before. The warehouse is letting us know. There is a massive backlog at my Amazon FBA facility and lead times are getting stretched so they just let us know this sobering news.
This means Scotty P KCups, Whole Bean coffee and mugs will not be up on Amazon in time for the holidays, most likely. I am sorry for that. We jammed day and night for nine months getting this ready but we came up a little short. But you
can still get the 12 oz. ground in all five flavors, 2 packs and 3 packs. I know a lot of you are waiting on Amazon to try the coffee and this could not be avoided. Amazon calls the shots so we have to be patient a bit longer.
However, I WILL be selling 12 oz ground, Whole Bean in Breakfast Blend and French Roast in 2 pound bags, and m.ugs on SCOTTYP.COM and we are already taking pre-orders on the Scotty P text logo classic diner mug you have all been asking for!
The KCups will be ready mid-November and they taste so good. I am trying to get them on the website, as well, so I’ll keep you all posted on KCup progress and availability. The taste is amazing and they are smooth and rich - not like a 
traditional KCup you find on the market at all. We have raised the bar, I am proud to report. My team hit it out of the park! They also come in 100% compostable cups so they are good for the environment all the way around. Really proud
of that, too. Go team. 
We are also in the process of linking SCOTTYP.COM to my coffee Facebook Page, and all other social media platforms we’re on. Ordering will be fast and easy from Instagram, FB, our new Pinterest account, etc. 
SCOTTYP.COM has also been optimized to play VIDEO, so go check it out and watch all the commercials past, present and future (I don’t know how you can watch future commercial on the site but it was fun to write).
We also added a NEWS page with much of the press we’ve received since I made that little blurb in that little article about developing a coffee brand. There are only like a million articles on there so don’t get lost! 
We have also added your very generous reviews on our new CUSTOMER REVIEWS page. I read these at the end of each day no matter how tired I may be because it not only gives me a lift, it makes certain my purpose when I wake up the next morning - to get more of these five star reviews by providing great coffee and great customer service….and now, great deals and savings. So, we made it cheaper and easier, more engaging and fun. Not a bad way to enter the Holiday Season! 
We are working on new content that will amaze and delight you in the coming days and weeks. We are having fun doing it so we hope this new content resonates with everyone. 
That's it, folks. I wish you all a very safe and very Happy Halloween and beyond with your loved ones. I would also like to thank you for your continued support. It means the world to us to have your trust and we are working hard to keep it.
Coffee is a very competitive business but I, personally, never saw it that way. I’m not trying to do it different or better than anyone, I’m just trying to do it the best I can that meets my standards. That’s the joy of owning a company. It’s a great honor to serve you all and I hope to do it for a very long time until I can’t. Then, God willing, my son will take over and apply the lessons I’ve taught him over his life. That is my wish. 
All the best,

by Alicia Suarez

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
I just placed my order yesterday and I received an e-mail today notifying me that my order was shipped! This is service that goes above and beyond!! Thank you so much, Scott!! (Expect more orders from me)❣️

by Sheryl Rummel

Hi Scott. I’m a Luke follower from Indiana. Sorry to say I’m not a coffee drinker. If I was I would order yours. Thinking about a mug. Have you thought of adding a few teas to your line? Just a thought. Will be watching you hosting Gilmore the Merrier.

by Gracy K

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the updates and all the laughs in your latest post! I hope you and your family have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

Thanks for all you do!

by Laurie

Thanks for the update. I see you continue to plug away to get the best product out there for us all to enjoy. I look forward to seeing what else is on the horizon.
PS, you have a fun sense of humor too.

by Wendy

Happy Halloween Scott! And to your beautiful family! Hope you post some pictures of your carved pumpkins and of your little guy’s costume. 🎃 I’ll definitely be warming up with some delicious Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee on Halloween night! ☕😍

by Kayla Gibson

I just love your sense of humor on this post! Thank you for continuing to update us on the coffee business, I love hearing about everything that is coming up! I for one can’t wait for the K-cups so I can get them for my mom for her Keruig at her house. It’s just so exciting to follow your journey on making the best coffee you can for the coffee lovers out there!
Hope you have a happy Halloween as well!