As I move in closer to my little black coffee brewer from 2003, a Christmas Gift from ASP, I catch the first aroma of my own, flagship blend - Breakfast Blend. I breathe it in and realize that after all this time it’s finally happening - a perfectly balanced, light, drink-it-all-day coffee I can call my own and share with the world. After literally hundreds of cuppings (a very structured and scientific process of tasting different coffees), and ten of thousands of miles traveled, I have my first signature blend that hits all the requirements I impose on each of my coffees, i.e., a pleasing smell, a complex flavor that expands on the tongue, an explosion of flavor and body as it eases down the throat, a surprisingly consistent and fulfilling aftertaste that lingers inside the mouth and patiently invites you to take the next sip. 

Think that’s a challenge? 

Here’s the really hard part - finding that level of complexity, body and taste and bringing it to market at half the price of similar coffees. I’m not saying it’s easy to do it at $15, $17 or even $20 dollars, but it take a lot less time and effort, ladies and gentlemen. 

From the very beginning of this journey to find the perfect bean, I would taste, like it, and then be crushed by the price tag. I’d say to myself “Can’t do that to my customers. There has to be a blend that embodies the flavor and complexity of expensive specialty coffees but at half the price.” The reactions I would get from other roasters ranged from “Good luck with that” to “You get what you pay for” to “Not gonna happen”. 

A lot of time went by after those initial cuppings with more and more disappointment at the pricing structure in the coffee business for exotic beans wether they were from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia or Vietnam. Some really good at $16 dollars and some really bad at $20. But there wasn’t a bean of quality at my impossible price point and word was getting around that the Captain Ahab of the coffee business was actively looking for his white whale and was sailing to a port near you. 

Two years went by, then three, then five and I was at the point of bowing to the connoisseur bean gestalt that demanded 16-20 dollars for a level of taste. I had failed. I had gone everywhere and tasted everything (not a bad way to spend your time, by the way) under the sun, the moon, the stars yet I was bereft with what was shaping up to be a quixotic reality hitting me square in the face.

And then I went on a tour of coffee shops last summer that took me to northern California, Long Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York State, Pennsylvania and Ohio and I met a ton of great people and drank two tons of great coffee. At one of those stops I met a person with not only the same passion I held for the elusive bean but who claimed to have solved the problem. I was stunned. “You have the beans?” I asked. “I have the beans” they said. 

From that moment on I mixed probably fifteen hundred bean combinations over the next three months and arrived at five blends that I am very proud of - Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Decaf, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. A sixth blend is coming, as well, and that one might become my personal favorite.

Am I trying to reinvent the wheel? No. I have too much respect for coffee people and the coffee business in general. Great people, all, and true connoisseurs and craftspeople. What I am trying to do is offer a 20 dollar coffee experience at half the price. I believe I’ve done it with these five blends with many more in development. 

Here's to the perfect mug! 



by Connie H.

I didn’t get the Hazelnut yet! No!
But I did just try the French Vanilla and it is delicious!!
Thank you for all your hard work in find just the right beans and making a good cup of coffee!

by Susan

So glad you have the beans.

by Linda

ScottyP’s is the best tasteing coffee I have ever drank! It is worth it! Will be ordering more soon. Thank You to Scott and all your team!!! Love to all!!

by Edy from New Jersey

Hi Scott and crew! Very excited that the coffee is on it’s way!! Love reading all about your adventures – would love to see you sell a Big size mug covered in flannel design with a top to keep it warm that looks like a backwards baseball cap- reminiscent of your days on Gilmore Girls lol! Looking forward to drinking your brew while watching the newly released dvd!! and throughout the beautiful seasons here in Jersey!!☕️ Ps just a thought maybe you could brew up a special coffee blend for each season. ☕️☕️☕️☕️

by zarra

Could it be possible to purchase the three pack of coffee but have Hazelnut, french vanilla and decaf.
or French Vanilla, french roast and decaf. Please. I’m trying to satisfy a friend, as she’s living on a budget
Please advise ASAP.

by Irene

So excited about this! A coffee lover since I was very young…always loved what happens when a delicious, strong brew is shared between loved ones, family and friends.
My late husband and I spent many hours at a local coffee shop here on Catalina Island lingering over hot mugs of heaven. I long for a “Luke’s” again…every town needs one!! Thanks for following your dream, Scott!! ❤❤

by Irene

So excited about this! A cooed lover since I was very young…always loved what happens when a delicious, strong brew is shared between loved ones, family and friends.
My late husband and spent many hours at a local coffee shop here on Catalina Island lingering over hot mugs of heaven. I long for a “Luke’s” again…every town needs one!! Thanks for following your dream, Scott!! ❤❤

by Cris

I’m so excited I just placed my first order!! Can’t wait to enjoy

by Jennifer Chiola

Waiting to get my order so I can let neighbor taste it then I’m gonna order her some. Thanks for all the hard work

by Silvi

I was go so excited when I saw Scott P is having his own coffee brand and wanted to pre order but 28 dollars for regular shipping 71 dollars for express delivery just jaw dropping… I wish I could buy it !

by Jaycee

Coffee and friends make the perfect blend. Very excited to try it out!

by Kayla Gibson

I’ll admit, I’ve only had coffee 2 times in my life, both times coming months earlier. But, those 2 times came after you announced you were gonna come out with a coffee line. Now reading this blog, I am actually more excited than I was before to get accustomed to the taste of coffee, and enjoy a cup of yours every morning!
And side note, I just love your writing! I keep thinking you could write a book talking all about this coffee business, and more about your experiences in everything you have done in your life.
Anyway, congrats on the coffee business that I know will be a huge success in the near future!

by Zarra

Congrats scott. For making another great idea available to the public. My relationship with coffee is very simple my family drove me to drinking LOL. Coming from an italian background it’s in Our blood. COFFEE COFFEE ☕☕ cheers mate

by Tina Shifflett

Can’t wait to brew a fresh pot of Scotty P’s Big Mug coffee ☕️ I plan on gifting these to my children for Christmas !! May suggest you offer a “big mug” instead of the awesome mugs you already have for sale ?! After all, the mug will reiterate what the Company name stands for Scotty P’s BIG MUG ☕️☕️ Many blessings on your new adventure !!

by Patricia Rufasto

Congrats for your new coffee line. Hope your product arrives in Peru. Let us know!!

by Alicia Suarez

I love reading your personal comments about your new coffee line and what it means to you. For that, I will be definitely pre-ordering your coffee. Coffee that was made from the ❤️.

by Linda Horn

Can’t wait for your coffee to arrive so I can perk up a pot of ScottyP’s Been holding of for a while now from buying any other !