I woke up this morning feeling two things - one, I needed multiple cups of coffee and, two, I wanted to get ski clothes on my son, load the skis onto the snowmobile and traverse the snowy ridge. Once at the drop down point, I’d pull over, put our skis on and race my boy to the bottom, jump on the gondola and keep doing laps all morning until we both looked at each other with a deep hunger that can only mean “It’s time for a late breakfast, Dad.”

But then I realized we were in warmer climes and the weather of late was more suited to heading out on the lake and taking a swim. Not a lot of snow falls in November out here, so I decided to hit the coffee hard and fuel up for a hike with my boy. Not a bad consolation prize but growing up in the northeast conditioned me to long for snowy mountains right around Halloween. It certainly is the best time of the year, for sure. Soon, the snowy mountain tops will be ours as they beckon to us in no uncertain terms.

I could go on all day about snow and skiing and snowmobiling and bombing down steep terrain at breakneck speeds, but I wanted to share my thoughts about how to save you money ordering from two different US only online Ecommerce stores of mine - Amazon and SCOTTYP.COM.

Let me break it down real simple-like…. I am going to focus on two recent messages I’ve received, one from Tim and one from Kim.

First, Kim. Kim wrote me saying “I just ordered four 3packs (12 bags total) and paid $111.96 because you said I’d save big time, but at checkout I don’t see a discount. Where are my savings?” I thanked her for writing and told her the following…

“Kim, thank you so much for reaching out and let me explain the savings you just received; you bought in BULK at SCOTTYP.COM - four 3packs all at once and paid $111.96. By doing that, I paid for your shipping to the tune of $48.04. I pay for U.S shipping if you order from SCOTTYP.COM on any order of $50.00 or more. That’s how it works. Had you purchased one 3pack and then another 3pack a week later and then another 3 pack a week after that and then a 4th 3pack one a week later… would have paid for your own shipping each time and your total bill for the four 3packs over that time period would have been $160.00. Massive savings by ordering in bulk at $50.00 and above. It’s a choice between paying $160.00 or paying just $111.96. Pardon my math but this is around the 40% savings neighborhood, and people that live in that neighborhood always have extra cash socked away for a rainy day. 

Imagine all the things you could do with that extra $48.04! Three Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee mugs! Almost five additional bags of Breakfast Blend, French Roast, etc.! 12 bags plus 5 is 17 bags for $111.96 plus your 48.04 savings!

Let’s do the math again so I can really drive the point home…. if you order four 3packs all on different dates, then you pay $1.11 per ounce of coffee. But if you order four 3packs all at the same time in BULK then you pay 77 cents per ounce. You save 34 cents per ounce. Why? Because I’ll pay to have it shipped to you. That’s significant and that’s why I love math! (Oh, I didn’t use to. Oh, no.) Our coffee has a shelf life of 9 months so no problem there!

I can say this with full confidence - you will not find a specialty, high-end coffee, a quality coffee for $1.11 per ounce that matches my flavor profile if you find one at all, and you most certainly won’t find one for 77 cents per ounce. In the coffee business you get what you pay for; if you want specialty quality then you are up in the $14.99-20.00 range because bean prices are what they are on the international market. No getting around that. 

So, you might ask yourself “How does Scotty P do it?” How does he offer such great coffee for 50-100% lower prices yet maintain this level or quality, freshness and taste?” 

I’ll tell you how - and this is a lesson I learned very early in life - you work at it non-stop until you accomplish it. What gets me up in the morning is the thought of doing the impossible, YET my team and I know what small steps to take to get there and how to take them. Are we geniuses? Not a chance. Are we willing to do the work to deliver the best product we can at the best price in the marketplace? Yes, we are, and that’s the difference - we work harder than anyone. It’s about grinding every day, all day and half the night. I love the Grind and so does my team. We have a one, two, five, ten, twenty year plan and we are executing it every day.

But we aren’t machines and sometimes I make mistakes. Like the international shipping miscommunication. I got that wrong. I didn’t realize the time it would take to get the paperwork, permits and fees paid and tax forms and lawyers, lawyers. Lawyers all day. Yikes. My bad. To solve this, we are working to hunt down and vet roasters in-country and find a low-price option on fulfillment. We are making progress, but it could take some time for international shipping to become available. But we are on it. 

Okay. Let’s get to Tim’s message regarding pricing on Amazon. He wrote “Hey, you raised prices to $11.99. Why, dude?” (Have you ever been referred to as “Dude”? I have and I like it.) I didn’t raise the price even though on SCOTTYP.COM you see $9.99 for a single bag and now you see $11.99 for same on Amazon. Here’s the deal - for Prime members and U.S orders of $25.00 or more you get FREE SHIPPING, so buying a single bag on my site costs $9.99 plus $6.95 shipping for 16.94. On Amazon it’s $11.99 - 5 dollars cheaper. So, dude I lowered the price again in that 40% neighborhood. I really like that neighborhood, folks. I love giving you all a sweet deal!

So, there you have it. Kim and Tim are happy campers who saved 40% on their purchases and they allowed me the pleasure of paying for their shipping costs. That’s a happy for all.

I love the feeling of getting a very high-quality product at a steep discount. Makes my day just like it does yours. 

So, buy in BULK on SCOTTYP.COM at $50.00 and above, and buy single bags on Amazon if you are Prime Members, but if you’re not, then buy $25.00 or above and still get free U.S. shipping with a 3-5 day delivery. 

SCOTTYP.COM - Free shipping in the U.S. at $50.00 and above.

Amazon - Free shipping in the U.S. at all price levels for Prime Members, and Free U.S.  shipping (3-5 day delivery) on all orders of $25.00 and above.

This will save you 15-50% depending on your order size. 

I wish you all a terrific day! Stay safe and have fun!





by Beate Amberg

Scott – wann darf man deine Sachen nach Deutschland bestellen – das Cafe ist leider soooooo weit weg

by Caroline

Hello! Hope you had amazing Turkey day
Merry Christmas

by Ida Bradley

Hello Scott

It would be nice to get an autograph and coffee mug from you….Happy Holidays

by Megan Symonds

I would so love a signed bag of coffee!!! Gimore girls is my favorite show! Constantly on my netflix it ends & i restart it my boyfriend says im going to turn into a gilmore girl! Haha❤

by Allison

Hi Scott! Love the new website design! Happy anniversary!!

I do wish your coffee club wasn’t just for k-cup users 😐

Hope you and your family are well!

by Diane McNally

I’m so excited to see that K-cups are coming!! I’ve wanted to buy the coffee, but I’m spoiled with K-cups now. Can’t wait to order!!

by Barbara

I can’t wait for tour pods, so excited, especially coming from Scotty P. I’m placing an order for the others in the mean time, love Scotty!!!!

by Caro

You’re an amazing dad, Scott!
I admit, I’m a little bit jealous: 😏
I love the snow and can’t wait until it finally snowed in our little village. Snowball fight, sledging, ice skating, building a snowman – I love to do this with my 3 kids 💕

by Danae Dandrow

You need to come to Montana and come ski here! The tops of the trails are getting fresh snow! :)

by Randi Ratzlaff

Placed my 1st order today. Can’t wait to try some Scott P coffee.