It’s been a beat so I wanted to poke you - not too hard, just a gentle nudge to prep you for what’s to come.

My dedicated, fanatically focused team and I are cooking up some good brew that, quite frankly, you all deserve, want and need. Yes, NEED!
We will carry the torch together to the steps of overpriced, mediocre coffee, pitchforks at the ready and storm the Portcullis as we continue our town-by-town takeover of Flavor Nation! ’Tis such a good cause and I am proud to lead the charge. 

But night has fallen, and as we bivouac beneath the gleaming stars, I call us all to gather round the campfire to hear the latest news come by courier over oceans and mountaintops! We all hope it’s good news and, by golly, it is!

Let me untie the hemp string and unfurl this crude parchment….hmm…yes…I see…..molto interesante…good, good…..YES!

It says here that you love the KCups so much that we will be offering more SKUs in the not-too-distant-future and that these SKUs may or may not contain a super healthy, organic, favor-enhancing super food! That’s the rumor. According to this parchment this flavor-enhancer will help to clean up the environment at source countries and create jobs up and down the supply chain! 

I need to sit down and take this in. Yowza. This is super-duper news! Okay, I’m going to stand up and keep reading.

It says “New products in the pipeline include bakery goods, 12oz ground coffee with flavor-enhancing super food added, and a chance to enter a contest that could result in you starring in a Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee commercial!”

I have to sit down again. Shallow breaths, shallow breaths. 

There’s more! It says “Some customers are expressing anxiety over 12oz and whole bean being out of stock. Since our love towards our customers knows no bounds we are redoubling our efforts to expedite the process of sourcing ever-improved blends that are healthy and better tasting.”

Yes, good people, we are improving the blends and want them to be perfect for you once they become available. The House Blend is gonna knock your socks off flavor-wise and I can’t wait for you to taste this revolutionary new coffee. If you love it just half as much as I currently do - and we aren’t locked in yet - then you are going to love it more than a cool dip in a mountain-top lake in deepest summer. I promise.

Of course, I am not one to rush anything out to market before it’s ready, so I ask your indulgence a little while longer. My deepest appreciation for your loyalty and good wishes. I read them every day and it’s always the best part of my day.

So, that’s it for now. Back to holding hands and singing out the songs of unity, love and then enjoying one last mug of coffee before we turn in for the night.

Happy Easter and Passover, all!




Sooo looking forward to getting Scotty P’s ground coffee again! Nothing EVER has come close to being as delicious as his coffee. ❤

by Marie Cardona

I love the way you write. I’ll say it again – we’d love a BOOK from you someday. Just on here to get my next coffee order. Hope you are having fun with all your travels meeting the fans! Sure looks like it!

by Jen

I am so grateful to have found this coffee and wait patiently(ok…maybe not so patiently…) for the new products. Although the kcups are getting me through, I can not wait for the upcoming flavors and options!!

by Marsha Pinson

As Gilmore Girls’ watchers, my daughter and I always wondered about “the best coffee in town.” Now, we have tried it, we are both hooked: Rachel on the French Roast and I, on the Decaf; but they are “OUT OF STOCK!” Hope help will be on the way ASAP. Thanks for the fun and mindful preparation of something special.

by Meagan Jones

So happy you have the K-cup option now. my boyfriend just bought me a K-cup maker and just started buying you K-cups and Im in love!
I’m a big fan

by AME

I love your coffee. I tried it at a friend’s house back in January and I purchased some online immediately after. I hope you have coffee available to order online soon. Do you know when you will have it back on the market again?

I really miss my Scott P’s coffee. 😥

by Aimee

Hubby just told me he is out of his Scotty P’s hazelnut coffee, boy is he going to be upset. Hope it is back in stock soon, he’s a grouch without his Scotty P’s. Have a egg-cellent Easter!!

by Laurie K

Sounds like you have been a busy bunny with all this hopping around to get more delicious blends to the consumer. I’m sure it’s going to be eggcellent. (See what I did there?)
Happy Easter to you and yours.

by Jamie @hecticmomjamie Hectic Mommy Material

Yay!! I’m so excited to hear this! I can’t wait to try it out 💕😊