It’s been a while so wanted to sit down, catch my breath and reach out to everyone. Makes me happy that you are all enjoying the coffee and writing very positive messages to the Scotty P’s Team. We are few in number but powerful in that our focus is you, the customer. We do not take that lightly.

Some exciting developments in the offing; my team and I are traveling to Seattle for a big sit down meeting with big deal muckity mucks that want to share some ideas. I see it as a chance to meet some new people and develop relationships over the long term, and make some great coffee at the same time. As a community of CEO’s we are all united in wanting to serve the best coffee we possibly can, and by golly we are all going to sit down and talk about the future. It isn’t Davos, but it’s better. It’s Seattle, where some of the best coffee in the world is made and enjoyed. I will sponge up as much knowledge as I can and report back to you!

Due to very incisive and generous customer feedback, we have made slight changes to the packaging that will enhance your experience with my coffee. I haven’t changed or altered any of the artwork on the bag. I’ve just added something. You spoke and I listened. Keep up the good work and thank you! Keep those comments coming. You are the life blood of this company and we are here to serve you. Always remember that.

Here are the top queries I want to address;

Will I be offering whole bean?
Will I be offering single serve?
Can I use your ground coffee in my French Press?
Will you offer International Shipping at much lower rates?

The answer to all of there questions is a resounding “Yes”! I will be rolling out details soon on each so stay tuned. Not much longer now.

That all for now, folks! Until next time. Again, thank you for your business and please let us know how we can improve your experience with Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.


Scott Patterson

by Esther Burchert

Going to place an order this weekend. Coffee has never disappeared this quickly in my house!!! I need auto ship STAT!!!!! Thanks for the great coffee. My first graders LOVE the smell and say I’ve been a happier teacher since I started drinking your coffee!!! So, THANK YOU!!!!! Loving my mornings.

by Sarah Say

Absolutely love this coffee, thank you Scott!!

by Diana

Love, Love, Love the Hazelnut coffee-simply the best I’ve tasted!

by Connie McCarthy

Scott first off thank you for always keeping in touch with your fans as well as your customers. Except for the Hazelnut and Decafe, I have tried every blend. I have used it in my coffee pot, percolator, my French Press and even in my Keurig. I use the adapter cups. And I have even used the grill and made coffee very old school. And no matter how I have made it, it comes out fantastic. No other coffee blend has given me the satisfaction that your coffee has. And believe me I have tried just about every blend there is. I will be a faithful and loyal customer to your coffee because I will never go back to any other blend.
I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. Thank you again. God Bless you.

by Wendy Guillaume

My husband (also a GG fan who used to chant “Go Luke” when we watched the show) ordered our first batch of Luke’s coffee . We tried the French Roast this morning and we loved it! So smooth! We also ordered Breakfast Blend. We’ll try that next.

by Mary Erickson

I’ve gotten my order and have been on Breakfast Blend this week. Very smooth, aromatic, and nice to have early in the morning. Can’t wait til K-cups are available!!

by Thomas

Thank you very much from Salzburg for your great and generous service!!! Your coffee tastes and smells excellent. I am glad to read that there will be whole beans in future because I like to use my old manual coffee mill. And it will be great when international shipping will be cheaper.So Scotty Ps Big mug coffe shop will be my first adress to buy coffee…

by Cheryl Sperber

Welcome to my home city and hope you have a great visit it Seattle! Sorry the weather isn’t going to cooperate for your visit
(yes, we can have some amazingly beautiful days here) but the gray days of Seattle make for some great coffee drinking ☕️❤️!

by Julia K.

Hey Scott ?

Thank you for letting us know what’s up with you and your company these days.
I’m a super impatient person and really can’t wait to finally taste your coffee. I guess most of the people have no idea how hard and even more annoying it is to hear on and on how great it is without knowing what’s the big deal about it ?
Be sure to have enough coffee stocked once you’ll be open for business for the rest of the world. Especially Europe will flood you with coffee orders! ?

Thank you for really listening to your customers. A rare quality these days. But it’s you. So we should have known that this was going to be perfect and done the right way or not at all ❤

So I sit here on a rainy Saturday morning, trying to entertain a crazy 3 y/o toddler , a lousy, no name (cold) coffee in my hand…
And once again I can’t wait for it to be your coffee ❤

Have a great weekend.
Nick can be so proud of his daddy ??

Hugs from Germany ?

by Jana Abeln

I just ordered my first ‘Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee’ and I am very excited to try it! I know it will be great. I’m a photographer for a small business that my husband and I own together and I just want to say that we would love taking some photos for your website or whatever you may need. I am all about helping support other businesses! Anywho, congrats on all of your successes! It’s all very big news! :)

by Missy Sedlacek

Coming out here to the beautiful PNW for a “coffee business” trip, is a fabulous idea. Some of the best coffee I’ve tasted, has been roasted & brewed all across WA State (also OR & Idaho). I ordered a bag of Scotty P’s after reading an article on Scott’s personal story behind starting this company & this coffee is absolutely delicious! It has a very distinct flavor. The coffee is also very homey or cozy, with a hint familiarity that reminds me of my Dad’s- & I haven’t been able to find a coffee that tastes like his since he passed away. So thank you Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee team for your hardwork on bringing this coffee to the world. I look forward to your future success.

by KC Whittier

Thank you for the updates. I love the Breakfast Blend and Yes you can brew it in a French Press. I have only made it in a French Press. It is so smooth, flavourful and delicious. Thank you Scott for creating such a wonderful coffee. Good luck in Seattle. I look forward to more great things from Scotty P’s.

by zarra Trolese

Wonderfull news Scott, Questions will soon be answered, greatly appreciate your attention to this and here’s to a long coffee realationship to come. International shipping will open a boat flow of order to follow, can’t wait. It’s great your keeping us updated as well.
Thank you Zarra

by Annette Jevnikar

Thank you for taking the time out to let us know what’s new! Just made a pot of the French vanilla coffee and my whole house smells like the beautiful aroma of vanilla!!! The French vanilla is now my favorite! I love it!!!

by Paige Hamby

K-cups will make my heart very happy!! Re-ordered a 3-pk again today! French Roast is the best coffee I’ve ever had. Thanks Scott!

by Emily

Awesome! Really excited about the forthcoming whole beans! Still loving my Scotty P’s. Big Mug Coffee!

by Laurie Kransky

Always great to hear how the journey is coming along. Exciting stuff on the horizon I bet. No better place to check out the coffee scene than Seattle. Good luck with that.
I know you always have your wheels turning so I’m betting maybe a resealable bag as the thing you changed.
Keep up the great work but remember to take a breath every now and then.

by Linda Horn

Thanks for keeping us up to date. So glad you bring us along for your ride. I love your coffee and will be ordering more with another cup soon. I don’t see anything you need to do to your flavors. You are so right, The most delishes in the country and the best price too! No other brand can beat it!!! So much talent! What can’t you do.?❤☕#queenoffans

by Diane McNally

Would love to try the coffee! Any chance it would be available in a K cup soon???

by Kayla Gibson

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let us know what’s been going on! I’m excited for everything that is to come in the near future! Till then, I will enjoy whatever of your coffee I have left out of my 2 Scotty P mugs, and order more!
You’re the best!

by Christina hutcherson

Ordering soon. I can not wait to try