I was intending to write about the year that’s passed and the good things to come in 2018 - and I will get to that at some point.

But something moved so much yesterday that I am forced to share my thoughts about why I approach my business the way I do.

I will tell you this - it’s not a business to me. People are not a business. People are people and, to me, how we treat one another is more important than anything in our lives, in my humble opinion. Doesn’t matter where you come from, what rung of society you grew up in, what social class you occupy, what job you have, what language you speak, because at the end of the day we all feel like we’d like to be treated a little better. Life is cold and harsh for many, living paycheck to pay check if they are lucky enough to have a job in the first place. My mother, who inspired this company, would wake up every morning at 5am, get dressed, make breakfast, walk to the the train station even in the bitter New Jersey winter cold, take the train into Philadelphia, walk from the train station to Jefferson Hospital where she answered phones all day, every day.

She did this until her health broke down.

I have never met a tougher, more dedicated person in my life male or female. On top of that, a heart of gold, Give you the shirt off her back if you were in need.

But do not cross her or disrespect her. Lol. Oh, the stories are legendary.

We all have crap days. I had one yesterday. No explanation for it. Just happens. Everyone has crap days.

What I can’t stand is when people take on more of their fair share of crap days. When they can’t seem to get a break.

When it seems like it can’t or won’t get better. We all work hard, we raise our kids, we try and give them what we didn’t have growing up (or in some cases what we did have ). It’s all about hard work, love, sharing, support and making it better.

Which brings me to Kelsey. 

Kelsey is a young woman who lives in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and is a member of the US Military proudly serving her country. I called Kelsey (not knowing I was calling Cuba or that she was military) because of a delay in her order and I wanted to reach out like I reached out to so many.

Kelsey was so kind, as you all have been, and when she told me where she was and that she was military I realized what a truly special thing having a service company really was. This brave, proud, strong woman, willing to lay down her life for her country was jumping up and down because I called her. No. Other way around. I jump up and down for you.

Then Kelsey made a video, in uniform, about how happy she was to get the call. It was a GIF, and I watched it a thousand times and read what she wrote.

Great day for me. I was serving this extraordinary person who was willing to sacrifice everything to protect her fellow citizens. She was showing gratitude to me. Blew my mind. It’s you, Kelsey, who deserves the gratitude and the respect.

That’s my mom. That’s what she was all about. She solved people’s problems and she protected them. She did it with a smile and with love - and a lot of great food followed always by - yup - coffee.

That’s my company. It’s about sharing and making your day better, however I can do that. It’s about service, serving you.

YOU are my company. It’s people.

Among the most important lessons she taught me was to take responsibility for my actions in whatever I do.

I am applying that lesson to my company and I will never waiver from that responsibility to you, my customers.

Another lesson I learned growing up in the Northeast was that the customer is always right, one hundred percent of the time, and no matter how trivial an issue is to an outside observer, to me, if it has to do with my customers, then it’s a very big deal to me and my only job is to make that customer satisfied, happy and whole.

I am so pleased that so many of you are writing me to say how much you love the coffee. I worked so long and hard to make this a reality and it’s a great feeling overall.

Hard work is it’s own reward, for sure, but the real reward for me is knowing that I am serving so many hard working people quality coffee at a good price. I want you to feel valued and taken care of when you drink my coffee, and I want you to feel valued, appreciated and taken care of when you reach out to our customer service department.

I wake up every morning with the goal of improving your experience with my company because I want it to be the best in the world in every category.

That starts with one very basic principle - treating people right.

I thank you all for building this company with me as we move forward into 2018.

Here we go!

Warmest regards,


by Vicki

Just placed my coffee order. So excited for its arrival. For many years, my daughter and I have been known coffee lovers in our community. My favorite pick-me-up is coffee (French Vanilla) and home made banana bread! Before I learned about Gilmore Girls, I was a single mom raising a beautiful, smart, talented daughter; working hard putting her through private schools. Coffee kept me going! Didn’t have much time for t.v. We kept hearing the comparisons! Finally, had the opportunity to watch all 7 seasons and Year in the Life. I don’t have words to express my surprise and how much I loved GGs!! There were many similarities! A little spooky but wonderful. We adored your character, too! So happy for you! Wishing you continued success!! Can’t wait for the coffee to arrive and share with my “Rorie”. Blessings!!

by Esther Burchert

I received a phone call from you on Christmas Eve but I missed it. You left a wonderful voice mail. I truly appreciated it and the free coffee I received last week. I so appreciate how you value us as customers. What makes a company unique is its ability to connect with customers. I am a teacher. Have been for 23 years. All in Title 1 school districts with minority populations and poverty. I learned very early on that in these school districts that building relationships with parents and their children can make or break your career as an educator. I can NOT do my job unless I take the time to build those relationships. It is just so key. It is why I do what I do every day and have done it for 23 years. That and a great cup of coffee every morning!!!! ;) Thank you for keeping it real!!! I truly wish you much success in this new venture. In my opinion, you are off to a fabulous start. :)

by Erin

I am SO happy for you — and can’t wait to place my order!! My daughter and I couldn’t be bigger Gilmore Girl fans….but I’d also love to add that I am a Scotty P fan!!!! You are amazing, and sounds like your mom was a solid rock-star of a human!! Cheers to you – your mom – your coffee – your success!! Let’s all sip our big mug coffee and continue to make the world better, one cup at a time!! :)

by Julie

I just finished watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls and A Year in the Life and I am having withdrawals. Some have coffee withdrawals, I am having Luke, Lorelai and Rory withdrawals. It’s so weird. I was driving to work this morning and the DJ on the radio said something about Luke Danes has poured so much coffee in Gilmore Girls and now Scott Patterson has his own line of coffee. My withdrawals for the rapid fire dialogue between Luke and Lorelai emerged. But now I can savor some of that humor, wit, love and joy through your blog. Scott, you are just as tender hearted as your character. Keep up the great work!

by Sara Duran

I’m a big coffee drinker. I just got my 1st set of coffee flavors. They are so good! Not strong or bitter. The price is so perfect! Great value for the bags of coffee. I’m hooked. !


by Susan Harris

I ordered my first bag of coffee that was supposed to be here yesterday. I got a notice from UPS that my package had been held up do to an error. I came home from work today and still not here. I little while ago I received my order. It’s too late for me to have coffee tonight so I just keep squeezing the bag so I can smell the deliciousness. Rest assured I will be up very early on my day off to have this. ❤️ Susan

by Barbara A Ruth

This will probably be one of your stranger posts but I needed /wanted to respond to your post. I am 77 and until visiting my grandson and his girlfriend in Oregon in November.. I had never heard of Luke Danes or seen Gilmore Girls…WOW..did that change..I fell head over heels in love with you, with Lorelai…the whole show. I am a coffee junkie as well.. we have diners in Maryland like they do in New Jersey. Your post shows what a warm, compassionate and loyal man you are. Your mom would be so proud. My only problem I with your coffee is three bags is a whole lot of coffee. Are you planning on making pods in the near future?

Good luck with your venture and don’t ever change who you are. You are a special man.

Thank you,

by Teri

I love what you wrote – I love that we can celebrate each other and thank the men and women who lay their lives down every day for others. I am forever grateful for our military and Emergency Responders.
And I’m glad I found this website – I’m a single mom..working 4 jobs and homeschooling my 12 year old son.. I go 24/7…sometimes 40/8.. ;) Coffee is a necessity!! Along with hair dye, chocolate, and a sense of humor :)


by michelle mahour

How wonderful. What a great blog. I ordered a few bags of coffee. EVERYONE here loves it that has tried it so far…
My sister and I are in high stress professions her being a Ob/Gyn and and I a dentist. Believe it or not Gilmore Girls has been therapy for the both of us for years. It is clean entertainment with extremely talented actors. A lot of hard work and love went into that series …
Your coffee is special to us. It is comforting to know that ‘Luke’ created this company.
Scott Patterson…
Thank you for your passion in acting, music and now coffee. I will be making more orders in the future

by michelle mahour

How wonderful. What a great blog. I ordered a few bags of coffee. EVERYONE here loves it that has tried it so far…
My sister and I are in high stress professions her being a Ob/Gyn and and I a dentist. Believe it or not Gilmore Girls has been therapy for the both of us for years. It is clean entertainment with extremely talented actors. A lot of hard work and love went into that series …
Your coffee is special to us. It is comforting to know that ‘Luke’ created this company.
Scott Patterson…
Thank you for your passion in acting, music and now coffee. I will be making more orders in the future

by Cheryl Sperber

Thank you so much for the words in your blog. If more business owners and even people in general adapted your way of thinking, doing business and treating people the world would certainly be a better place. Not many business owners understand that along with a great product you need to have great customer service. Having one without the other just doesn’t work and you have nailed it! I strongly believe that it’s not what you know it’s who you know and that’s all about people. If you take responsibility for your actions and own both the good and the bad you’ll go far and you’re showing a prime example of all of that!! Best of everything in 2018!! Scottys P ☕️ fan for life ?

by Zarra Trolese

WOW! What can I say but that’s beautiful Scott, love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible. It can not be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment. We are whom we are by those we associate ourselves with, those who stick by us through the good and those crapy times and to those who serve to keep us protected Thank you and thank you Scott for sharing this story with us. NOW I need COFFEE ☕☕

by Anna Cifelli

I’ve only discovered your company, and enjoyed reading the blog about your Mom! Ironically, I live in South Jersey, and my Mom was a patient at Jefferson. They were wonderful to her, and to my family when she lost her battle with lymphoma. Jefferson hospital will always hold a place in my heart. It’s truly a small world!

by Angela

I love your passion! If everyone thought like you the world would be much different. I cannot wait to try the coffee!

by Gwen

Also looking forward to t-shirts!!!!

by Gwen

I am truly enjoying both flavors of coffee that you offer. From the ordering process, to the shipment, me stalking the UPS man and tearing into my box with excitement, to finally pouring a cup, I am so pleased!! I think what makes your company stand out is how you share of yourself with your customers. I have enjoyed watching the growth and you blogging and posting videos. I love that you put your customers at the top and how you share stories of your family. May God continue to bless your business and continue doing what your doing!!! The love is seen!!!

by Alicia Suarez


I enjoy reading your blog. The comments, ideas, stories you share are always so positive, inspiring, and motivational.

I admire how you express your love and respect for your mother, it almost moves me to tears.

I also appreciate your down-to-earth and humbling comments about your beliefs on your new coffee business and how you feel about your customers. Thank you!!

by Patricia Rodriguez

Thank you so very much for such a loving post.
I can only hope my children speak of me with lots of love as you did of your Mother.
The hard work you’ve done to provide us with the delicious coffee is so greatly appreciated. The honeyMister and I enjoy it every single day. (Me, 3 times) he leaves for work and I brew up another pot for myself.
Congratulations on an excellent product and the out of this world customer Service.


by Lisa

Inspirational! Loving all your coffee so far! What a great ethic ;). Wishing you much success with your new venture.


by Anna Leclercq

Dear Scott,
Thank you so much for working so hard to bring this delicious, one of a kind coffee to so many!
Your mom raised you right, and I love the way you talk about her with such respect and devotion.
I believe it’s that love and respect that makes this coffee taste so good! There’s love in every drop. It’s not just a product and I don’t just feel like just a customer, it’s like we’re family and you’ve invited us over for a cup of coffee.
My husband and I have had a really tough time over the past few years, one thing after another, but when we sit down to have a cup of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee in our big mugs, it’s like magic time and for those moments all the hard times fade and it’s just us and we laugh and there’s a sense of hope that everything is going to be okay again. This coffee is our treat to ourselves because we are worth it and that feeling is worth more to us than any amount of money.
Thanks for giving us a chance to connect like that over a nice, warm, cup of your coffee! ☕️❤️☕️
Wishing you all the best in 2018! It’s going to be the best year ever!
Much Love,

by Connie H.

? What a beautiful post! This is why I won’t mind driving across the border to pick up your coffee. You truly seem like a caring person.

My first cup today of your French Vanilla and it’s amazing. I’m not usually one to drink black coffee. Cream and, occasionally, a bit of sugar. But I drank this black and truly enjoyed it. Rich, flavourful and I will definitely be a returning customer.

Thank you Scott! ?

by Sabrina

Amazing. The amount of love felt through this post really moves me. A lot of companies don’t realize it’s the people who buy their products who really make them the company they are. I hope to be as amazing as you when I launch my business. With an outlook like yours, nothing can hold you back! You’re a true inspiration. I loved reading about your mom and Kelsey.

by Anne DeMasi

South Philly Girl here and proud Mom of a daughter who works at Jefferson. Really enjoy reading your blog and also tell you that your coffee is outstanding! Each time I open a bag I want to dive in!

by Claire Best

I really want to order your coffee but I live in the U.K. I am happy to pay the cost of delivery.
Please will you let me know if this is a possibility.
Many thanks.

by Kelsey Svetlik

Mr. Patterson,

I can’t begin to explain to you how thrilled I am that you took the time out of your day to add me into a very personal blog post about your mother. She sounds a lot like my Granny Svetlik and I admire her for her hard work and dedication to her family.

My time in life leading up to the military wasn’t the easiest, but I know circumstances were not near as bad as most of the world. I was never enslaved, starving, or without clothes. My Mom worked her little 5’4 self as hard as she could to provide for my brother and I. I can’t thank her enough.

All I have ever wanted was to take care of people. I didn’t know how to make that happen without going to college, and joining the military never occurred to me. I was 18, lost, and sometimes sleeping in my beloved Jeep trying to figure out where my life was going. One night, I had a dream that I was in uniform standing on the edge of a flight deck on an aircraft carrier. I’ve never seen a carrier still to this day, and back then I had no idea what navy working uniforms looked like. Naturally, I assumed this as a sign. The next day I rushed into the recruiting office (in a whirl of glitter and bad jokes) and started my life. I moved back to Colorado with my Mom, and started my job as a waitress until my ship date.

I was terrified in boot camp, but somehow gained the trust of my Recruit Division Commanders and held a very important position with a lot of responsibilities. I still miss them and their yelling. About a month into training, I got pulled aside because of my height and pushed into a small room to be shown a video of the US Navy Ceremonial Guard. There they interviewed me, then the Commanding Officer told me personally he had selected me to be a part of the command. But that’s a story for another time.

I didn’t know what sacrifice was until I completed training and began my time as a Ceremonial Guardsman. Every day we rendered honors to fallen heroes, and laid them to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.. I stood on the steps of the White House when the Pope came to America. I cried while standing at attention when we finally laid a Pearl Harbor veteran to rest. I’ve stood in front of the President of the United States for hours at attention to represent the Navy. I shined my brass for hours, and made sure my uniform was perfect for every ceremony for the 24 months I served there. I’d like to think my family is proud of me, and I’ll hold those memories close to my heart for the rest of my life.

From the Guard I went to Hospital Corpsman A school, completed my training, and received my orders to Guantanamo Bay.

After 3 long, exhausting years, I now work in a hospital doing what I love. I’m finally taking care of people.

Thank you for reaching out to me, your support, and your wonderful coffee company.

You’re the coolest,

by Maria Bellezza

Thank you so much for your kind and honest words. You mom sounds like a amazing woman. My husband owns a small business in NJ, I understand your words…great words! I wish all good things for you and your business in the year ahead! Thanks for always brightening my day! ☕️???

by Julia

Scott ❤

Reading this (hearing your voice read it) and feeling how much you care, how much you mean every single word you say, is so special. It’s even more special in a world where people become more ignorant, isolated and self-absorbed every day.
We need more people, men, fathers, sons like you. Who know how to cherish their mother and the sacrifices moms and dads are willing to make for their kids.
I’d do anything for my kid.
I hope one day she’ll come to be as strong, independent, kind and caring as I want her to be. As I raised her to be.
And as you were raised as well.
Your mom must be so proud of you.

Everyday you make people’s lives a little bit easier. A little bit more bearable and also a hell of a lot more fun. ❤
Thank you for ‘Luke Danes’, thank you for your incredible music, thank you for your coffee (which I will get as soon as you’re on amazon!) And just thank you for caring :)

This business will be so successful. There is no doubt about that. But don’t ever forget to rest, take minute to breathe and enjoy the ride, see where it leads you.
We’re all here for you to cheer you on no matter what.

Biggest hug,
Lots of love
(Javajunkiegermany ;) )

by Michelle Thompson-Davis

Scotty P, you just made my daughter’s day again. Thank you for sharing some of your story and for encouraging Kelsey. Kelsey has overcome a lot of life’s setbacks to serve her country and acquire an education and training that will carry her for years.
Kelsey is a hard worker. She worked 3 and 4 jobs in high school to help me after a tough blow to our family. We didn’t have money for her to go to college like her friends without a mountain of loans. So, she found a path that allowed her to serve people and her country which is her gift.
She’s a spark. Thank you for seeing her spark and encouraging her. My cup runs over.

Much love and blessing to you and yours.
Kelsey’s mom (Michelle)

by Charlie

And that, Sir, is what it’s all about. Thank you for sharing.

Ps – breakfast blend rocks!

by Connie McCarthy

Thank you for sharing Kelsey’s story with us. First off to Kelsey and all the other men and woman that are serving our country! Thank you for all you and your families sacrifice, so that I and many like me have the freedom we do.
Scott you are an amazing man. And your humbleness and the kind of person you are and the way you care about not only your fans also your customers will Ensure that you will succeed at anything you set your mind on. Your pour your heart and soul into everything you set your mind to do. And it shows in your music and your coffee. When a person show this much passion and devotion to please others there is no stopping them. Your coffee is out of this world and thank you for creating such a remarkable blend.
Congratulations keep amazing us.
Love a devoted fan.

by Julie Isaac

I too have watched this post with Kelsey over and over. It is a fabulous thing that you were able to call this dedicated young woman. The excitement in her eyes was precious and rewarding for all watching the post.
Thank you Kelsey ?✌️☮️

by Susan

Thank you for your service to our country, Kelsey!

by Laurie

Thank you for realizing that your customers are people and not just a number on a profit spreadsheet. You are doing great and I wish you nothing but continued success.
To Kelsey and all the rest of the men and woman that protect this country here, and in far off places, I thank you for your serve.

by Kimberly

Thank you, Scott, for sharing about your mother. Both you and your mother seem like amazing human beings.
The energy passed into your business from your seemingly amazing personality, can be felt, even through the interwebs!

Happy to support you with this!

by Jennifer Fincham

Great post. Just placed my first order for the hazelnut Scotty P’s! Excited for it!! It’s headed to freezing Virginia. I really enjoy your posts and how you really try and connect with the fans! Are there T-shirt’s available??

by Barbi Wright

I love this story! My daughter and I have long been Luke fans. Her husband is serving at Fort Drum right now, always deployment ready! They both sacrifice so much always and I’m so glad to see people that honor the sacrifices of our military and see the value in them as a person and a soldier! I grew up with a Dad who was Career military and it’s not an easy life! I’m more of a fan in seeing how much you value people!! Thank you, Scott!!

by Susan Harris

I just placed my first order and I can not wait to try this coffee. I like a bold dark roast so I ordered the French roast. I just may have to get the French press before my order arrives. Thank you for always brightening my day.

by Kayla Gibson

Such an amazing blog post! People do matter, and I love that you wrote about how important it is to you that everyone is treated, well, like Family. So, to that, I say thank you for making sure every customer knows that they matter to you, makes me love you even more than I already do!
Thank you for sharing more about your mother, she sounds like one hell of a woman! Moms really are the best, and do everything possible for their kids, even if it means walking in the cold like your mom did. Makes me appreciate my mom since I know she would give her life for me or any of my siblings.
Also, thank you for sharing Kelsey’s story! If Kelsey ever reads this, I wanna say thank you for your service!
Anyway, happy new year to you, and I’m looking forward to seeing your company be even more successful than it already is!

by Judy

Thank you for sharing more about your mom and Kelsey’s story. I’m looking forward to trying your coffee!

by Gretchen Conant

You made many peoples day by contacting them directly in regards to their orders. We all have bad days. We all have more to us than meets the eye. Thank you for reaching out and showing your customers how much you truly care about them and your business. Thanks for sharing Kelsey’s story. Happy 2018! ps. The coffee is one of the best cups I’ve had in a long time.