Hello everyone!

I wanted to send out my thanks to everyone who stuck by us over the last few months while we rebuilt the company. Developing and testing our new blends took time because we wanted to get them perfect. That alone was daunting but we did it. The challenge was "How do we improve upon blends our customers already love while adding a nutrient-rich, antioxidant superfood called coffee cherry WITHOUT causing it to taste like cherries or cut the favor profile out of existence?" That took time, patience and real dedication from my team working in partnership with some extraordinary craftsmen. Not only did we elevate the flavor profile, we proudly joined a community of companies that take seriously their obligation to manufacture products in a way that enhances the health of their customers, cleans up waste in source countries and creates jobs all along the supply chain.

That's a win for the company, our customers and the dear Mother Earth. Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee plans to be around for a long, long time - I'm already grooming by five year old to take over the company when I step down - because I believe it's possible to grow a company over time that is a benefit to people and to the planet. We are so proud that we are putting people and Mother Earth first, improving our coffees in terms of quality and taste, offering an actual health benefit to those who drink our delicious coffees and, moreover, offering our customers a chance to help clean up the planet with each delicious sip they take.

Your dollars do the following - and this is powerful - they go directly to source countries where coffee is grown and instead of dumping 46 BILLION pounds of coffee cherry cascara waste into streams, rivers and open fields where they cause environmental damage (ground water contamination, methane gas released into atmosphere, polluted and toxic rivers and streams to name a few) that coffee cherry - the fruit that grows around the bean - is collected, brought into facilities that grind it into a powder/flour that is bursting with antioxidants, nutrients, iron, and fiber. It's about the healthiest substance you can put into your body. We have perfected a process to add that powder into each bag of our 12oz ground coffee. It does NOT taste like cherries. You may taste a hint of dried cherry but nothing like those Ethiopian coffees. The cherry is but a note in the symphony, and what a symphony it is.

As CEO, I am very proud that my team and I got this done with such patience and determination. I told them "I want to give my customers a way to get the freshest, highest quality coffee out there and at the same time know that their hard earned dollars are being responsibly and conscientiously deployed to clean up and protect this beautiful planet we all share." Beautiful. My goal is to be the first recognized hippie CEO that gives more back than I get. That's how I'm teaching my son because that's what my mom taught me - leave a place in better condition than when you found it.

The more Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee you drink, the more money goes to cleaning up the environment and creating jobs in source countries. It's that simple, and by converting a nutrient-enriched superfood into powder form. That's so cool! I consider this achievement a legacy that will live and grow long after I am gone.
So, enjoy the freshest, highest quality coffee on the market while getting that healthy boost and also helping to make this planet a healthier, cleaner place. Thank you all for joining me in this very worthy endeavor.

We are also excited about our new partnership with Coffee Fool. They are a family run business and they really do it right. Great people with vast knowledge. After ordering some Scotty P's please feel free to poke around their many delicious flavors and toss a few in your cart. You will not be disappointed.

To those many customers asking for Hazelnut and French Vanilla - yes, they are coming but we are still trying to balance to flavor just right with the new additive. I want to give you that classic taste you all love so much. It's coming.

Thanks again for your business and please be safe and have a great Holiday Season.