Hello Everyone,


I’d like to thank you all for being so engaged in helping me and my team celebrate our one year anniversary for Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee!


We are a very hardworking bunch and our first order of business each and every day is to answer one simple question; “How do we improve the customer experience for our very loyal customers today?” That’s all we think about, and it’s all we should think about as we enter our second year of being in business. It has been a real pleasure on all fronts. 


I have some updates to share…..


We are SOLD OUT on Amazon! The response was incredible! We shipped a ton of coffee to them and I was actually a bit nervous about it (“What if it doesn’t sell?”) but WHAMO! Y’all went through it like Christmas morning wrapping paper!

With total abandon and glee! (I’ve lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee folks. I am authorized by each state to use the term “Y’all”.) 


We are now offering KCUPS by subscription only. Go to SCOTTYP.COM and join my exclusive Coffee Club! Members get 3 cartons of 18ct K Cups, the first 100 subscriptions receive an autographed photo of yours truly ($20-$80.00 value all by itself because it isn’t personalized so it therefore has more value in the resale market! Like I said - I got you covered!), Quarterly YouTube Live Q&A sessions with me and my team to take questions and tell you about what’s in the pipeline FOR MEMBERS ONLY, discount offers and lines of coffee only available to COFFEE CLUB MEMBERS.


I love two things above all else - giving back and communicating. Makes for happy customers and we love happy customers at Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee. Did I leave out skiing? Yes, I believe I did. I should add that to the list of loves. Skiing, and boy I can’t wait for our first ski charity event a year from now! If I pull this off, you will all be able to stream it live from wherever you are and that’s pretty cool. You might get to see me face plant in two feet of powder for the cause! I’d gladly do it for those less fortunate. Any day of the week.


I’ve fulfilled my promise of lowering prices on 12oz. ground. We are now at $7.99 per bag! Yeah team! They did an amazing job getting the price down (It took a year and I have more grey hairs) but it happened. I love to give you value for great coffee. It makes me happy, and it makes the team very happy, as well.  Let me tell you something - it was a very emotional meeting when we realized we had done it. It took constant negotiating and constant diligence to cut the price to 7.99 and I am so proud of this little team of go-getters! 


Also, I am hosting UPtv’s 7 day “Gilmore the Merrier” Binge-a-Thon November 19-25. All 154 episodes of Gilmore Girls aired round the-clock for 7 days! Pretty cool. Go to my website SCOTTYP.COM and enter the contest to win a Skype or FaceTime Coffee Date with me. Winner is announced December 1st!


Working with Warner Bros. and UPtv again is a total blast! They got them some real pros over there and we always have a good time. Isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?


We had to adjust the free shipping threshold up to $60.00. I will spare you the math but buying in bulk saves you so much money short and long term. It just does. So pull that trigger and stock up! You are buying the best coffee in the world offered at $7.99. I say that with utmost confidence and clarity. I taste everything and at all price points and I am not given to making outlandish statements, BUT this coffee is fantastic. I am proud of it. I love it. All five blends. My goal was to give the mass market a specialty coffee experience to everyone and I have done it. At $7.99 you can now experience deep, rich, complex, smooth flavor in five blends. You don’t have to pay high prices anymore. You can whip out a ten dollar bill and not only buy my coffee but also buy a little toy for your beautiful kid waiting at home. I love a bargain and this is a real bargain. Now let’s get the sucker down to 6.99! I say it’s possible. My team also thinks it’s possible. That’s why they’re my team - they make the impossible possible. Kudos to the best team in the coffee biz! Total studs. 


That’s it for now. I’ll sign off with this last thought……giving is a heck of a lot better than receiving. I am so thankful for your kind words and your feedback means everything to me. Have a great, safe and loving Thanksgiving holiday.


Happy Holidays,




by Erato

Congratulations on a successful first year, I am so looking forward to seeing your Ski Charity Event live stream from Greece. You are truly an amazing guy, trying to keep your prices low for your customers. God will bless you and yours abundantly. Wishing you all an amazing 2019 💘🤗

by Ron S.

Scotty, I’m just a young old man of 70. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I thought I had found it in Douwe Egberts.
However, when I happened to see you on KTLA promoting your coffee, I had to try it. I’ll never go back to Douwe Egberts!!
You have the BEST coffee out there! Keep up the great work and much success to the company!

by Tedi

Awaiting my first order of whole bean coffee, and mugs. Can’t wait!

by Barbara

Do you have regular coffee in the k cups yet? Or decaf? Didn’t see them so figured I’d ask. Also are you having anymore contest :( I wasn’t around so I missed it, if your unsure let me help you out and just say “sure for one of my number one fans, I’ll do another contest ;)”. Can’t wait to get SCOTTY’S coffee!!!!!!

by BrightStarWin

Wish you great success!

by Jodee

You’ve been open a year? And I just now found you?! Hmmmm, I wonder if my Gilmore Girls fan daughter knew this? Well, she’s getting a nice Christmas gift from “Luke” whether she did or didn’t! I hope she’s in the first 100!!! (P.S. Yes, I’m a fan, too! It’s “our thing” we always watched together!)

by Loretta Uppercue

Just enjoyed our first few pots of your coffee with family over Thanksgivjng weekend, and it was a winner all around. Ordering more as Christmas presents for my coffee drinkers. Thanks Scott.

by Travis

Just saw the ad on Can’t wait to get some Scotty p coffee, good job dude!

by Kathy Wiechers

Hi Scott,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I love your coffee. I love your company. I love your heart for giving back. You are a man after my own heart, God bless you.

Thank you for working so hard to keep us happy, it really shows, I’m very happy to be a member of the Coffee Club! I’m also excited for the year ahead and wish you much happiness and success going forward. Good luck with your charity event; I have seen you ski, I doubt we will see you face plant, but that would be fun to watch. Just don’t hurt yourself!

Best wishes,

by Kathy Wiechers

Hi Scott. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to giving us the best coffee at the best price, I truly appreciate it and you!

I also love your heart for giving to others, you are a man after my own heart. It’s the best feeling in the world to do for others, God bless you.

I love your coffee. I love your company. I wish you many more years of success and happiness. Good luck with your charity event. I’ve seen you ski, I doubt you’ll face plant, but I’m not going to lie, that would be fun to watch!! 🙂

Best wishes,

by Laurie

Good for you Scott. Continued success. I hope your company gets to exactly where you want it to go. *cheers with a cup of Scotty P’s.