Our ‘House Blend’ is here! Thank you all so much for being so gracious and patient while we rebuilt this company and made it far more efficient in terms of fulfillment and getting you your coffee quickly. At Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, we aim to be the best in the business quality-wise, and this new 12 oz. ground ‘House Blend’ is not only seriously great coffee but we have added COFFEE CHERRY into the mix. Coffee cherry is an organic superfood, an antioxidant with real health benefits to my customers, while at the same time helping the planet reduce greenhouse gases and create jobs all along the supply chain.

We are helping to convert 46 Billion (that's Billion with a 'B') pounds of coffee fruit waste that is usually thrown into rivers and fields and grinding that fruit into a superfood, a nutrient-enriched powder that we add to each bag of our HOUSE BLEND. We are proud to be doing our part to clean up this planet and join a community of companies that take seriously a little piece of wisdom my mom drummed into me from an early age - "Always leave a place better than you found it." We are doing this and I could not be prouder of my team.

Yes, it took a bit to rebuild and set up but here we are, it's here. We are very excited and thankful to you - our loyal customers.

Another positive with my new coffees is how remarkably FRESH they are, and you will taste that freshness as soon as you take your first, delicious sip. Because of some exciting new partnerships, we are now able to roast super fresh, top quality beans, grind, bag and ship all on the same day. That's what I call FRESH, FRESH coffee for my very discriminating customers because you know great coffee and now you are going to be getting it ultra-fresh and ultra-fast. 

SCOTTYP.COM will be the only place you can get the new blends (House Blend first, followed by Breakfast Blend and French Roast in 12oz ground) for now (be sure to use code 'SCOTTYP15' to save). We will get them into Amazon soon but for now it's only going to be available at my website. I will announce my new partners in a bit and they are great at what they do in many areas, but especially in fulfillment and customer service. I'm bringing you better blends in 12oz, eco-friendly, corporate responsible, FRESH as can be, top quality coffee, and super-efficient, fast fulfillment.  

Click here to purchase and use code 'SCOTTYP15' to save! 

Again, thank you for your patience and we hope you will come back home to Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee in the days to come. Have a great Holiday Season!


Scott Patterson

by Louise Anne Zack

Hello!! Love your coffee and will definitely try the new House Blend. I am wondering about your wonderfully wonderful hazelnut coffee…..will you be bringing it back?? (please please please pretty please)
Thank you!!