We’re listening to our customers and making product and packaging changes based on your suggestions and input while still maintaining our commitment to bring you the highest quality coffees at the lowest possible prices while also being responsible inhabitants of our Dear Mother Earth. We must protect her as she has protected and nurtured us so lovingly for so long. 

Let me be clear - we are taking steps to produce only natural, organic, healthy products that not only will enhance your coffee and tea experience but, at the same time, will clean up the environment, create jobs at the source, as well as all along the supply chain, and contribute to making a lasting, positive impact on Dear Mother Earth.

With that in mind, let me tell you what’s coming down the pipeline! To say we are excited is an understatement.

We will be offering 100% ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL coffees and teas very soon! You will love them because we love them. My team has done an incredible job sourcing these coffees and teas and their expertise and passion will benefit each and every one of you now and in the future. I am blessed with a heck of a team and they all care about quality products and customer service as much as I do. Do not worry! You will still be experiencing that rich, smooth taste you have all become accustomed to but in an elevated profile that is clean, fresh and even more flavorful.

We are also working on a new offering that we feel will revolutionize not only our business, but the coffee, beverage and food business in general! By purchasing these products you will, in essence, be joining a community of ecologically conscious and caring customers who want to see their hard earned dollars going towards great coffee and tea while also helping to clean up the environment in a responsible, clean and productive way.  But that’s all I can say for now. We are working hard to bring this to market so wish us luck!

It’s important to me and my team to build a community of coffee and tea lovers who seek to “Purchase With A Purpose”, and that purpose is to make organic, natural products that contribute to restoring Dear Mother Earth to her original splendor. We thank you all in advance for supporting us on our mission!

I remain dedicated to honoring my mother’s memory and inspiration by operating an ethical, customer-driven business as an example to and legacy for my son. At Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee & Tea, it will always be family first! 

Thank you for being part of our Scotty P family. Stay tuned!! - Scott


You said “tea”, are you ok? It seemed to be a bit of a struggle. Now that I have found this sight I will be ordering regularly,I need my coffee,it prepares me for all the crazy.

by Kara

Thank you for keeping the environment in mind!! Can’t wait to try out the new products!

by Amber L

Hi Scott,

I love your coffee (esp. decaf!) and am glad to hear that you’re deciding to move to organic products. Thank you! I’m wondering if your products are also worker/farmer friendly, or if you have plans of moving in that direction in the future. As a consumer, I really appreciate your concern for earth friendly business practices, and hope that the next step (if you’re not there already!) will be ensuring fair labor practices in your supply chain.

Thanks again for bringing us delicious coffee, while also striving for ethical coffee production that’s good for our planet!

- Amber

by Barbara Ruth

I have been a loyal customer for a good while and I couldn’t imagine starting my day with any other coffee. I also use a refillable K-cup to make my morning, evening, anytime cup of the coffee. Keep up the good work for the environment

by Mary Cullen

I never drank coffee until a year ago! Absolutely love this coffee!

by Toni

Oh, I’m hoping for decaf!! Can you please do a decaf k-cup? That way, when I go visit family, I won’t feel left out! I can just bring my own k-cups and join in with the coffee drinkers!

Also, please offer decaf tea!! Luke always chose tea! Any time Lorelai offers him a drink, it’s tea. I noticed that, as my son and I are also tea drinkers. He is now 23, and a big ol’ “Luke”. A big-hearted, funny, grumbly (in a good way), teddy bear of a guy! Oh, and he wears flannels almost every single day. He has a Scott side too, as he plays guitar and sings!

Anyway…DECAF….“Please Luke (Scott). Please, please please! ☕ Angel. You’ve got wings baby.”
Haha! Do you see what I did there? :)

Thank you for caring about our Earth and your fans/customers! Good Luck for your continued success! Your Momma would be so proud!

by Toni

Oh, I’m hoping for decaf!! Can you please do a decaf k-cup? That way, when I go visit family, I won’t feel left out! I can just bring my own k-cups and join in with the coffee drinkers!

Also, please offer decaf tea!! Luke always chose tea! Any time Lorelai offers him a drink, it’s tea. I noticed that, as my son and I are also tea drinkers. He is now 23, and a big ol’ “Luke”. A big-hearted, funny, grumbly (in a good way), teddy bear of a guy! Oh, and he wears flannels almost every single day. He has a Scott side too, as he plays guitar and sings!

Anyway…DECAF….“Please Luke (Scott). Please, please please! ☕ Angel. You’ve got wings baby.”
Haha! Do you see what I did there? :)

Thank you for caring about our Earth and your fans/customers! Good Luck for your continued success! Your Momma would be so proud!

by Clarisa

Love tea can’t wait to try it!

by Rita D

So excited you are going to have teas!!

by Raquel Schmidt

This is so exciting!!! I am so happy to read all of these things and your appreciation for our earth and offering healthy products. Jobs, organic products, what a company you have created Scott!!! I am so proud to be a small part of this experience!!!

by Janyse Heidy

My daughter Samantha turned me on to Scotty P! But first, Gilmore Girls! Love the show! It is a complete re-take of our lives! Raised her as a single mom, experienced my mom, behavior just like Emily! Such a parallel! Now my bright daughter, entertaining with her daughter, has her own coffee blog, – check her out, she is a regular customer of Scotty P and would love to write reviews on the coffee. Have you ever thought about the Sweet and Spicy Orange tea?! My favorite! Hope you have some good ones like that!

by Rebecca Bagley

I’m SOOO excited you’re doing tea! I’ve been asking! LOL Thank you! AND I can buy knowing you’re organic and have fair business practices! <3 I’ll always support a person to person business, one who gives back to the earth and her inhabitants, rather than some big name company! YAY!!!!

by Rebecca Bagley

I’ve been asking for tea for awhile! YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! SOOOO excited for TEA!!!! Thank you!!!!

by Patricia Rodriguez

Thank you for being so cautious about health, family and every day living on this beautiful planet.
In my home, I am the Coffee person but the honeyMister and daughter are Tea people.
We look forward to these new endeavors.
I use refillable filter for Keurig so as not to have the KCup waste.

by Denise C

Oooooh. I absolutely love the idea of organic tea! I have a cup every morning before I start my crazy day.

by Leslie

I am delighted to hear that you are going to be offering tea! As a lifelong tea drinker, I am always looking for new varieties to enjoy. (I want to like coffee, I really do, but my palate is better suited for tea . . . although I do like coffee ice cream, go figure . . . ) Thank you for your integrity and passion in providing natural, organic, and environmentally-friendly coffee and tea products. Best wishes and blessings to you in all of your endeavors!

by Lorrie Haworth

I have tasted your coffee and I love it! I like a lot of people, am a decaf coffee drinker. I am hoping that you will consider Decaf K Pods. I truly believe, that I am missing out on a wonderful morning cup of coffee that my caffeinated friends experience.

by Shannon McVay

I look forward to trying the coffee.

by Judy Duarte

You’re a good man. I appreciate that you are looking out for people & our planet. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for tea. I also would appreciate flavored decaf coffees.

by Anita M

I am excited you are adding tea. I have a Keurig but I have a refillable filter to save throwing away plastic. Hope your coffees and teas are gluten free and dairy free on flavored. I got the zaps of allergies! 😉

by lynn lok-payne

I am beyond thrilled to hear Scotty P’s is going organic and wants to take care of Mother Earth! I am SO on board!!! Can’t wait to try the tea. And I love your mission Family First and Purchase With A Purpose. A business with a pure heart will have much success and thrive!!! Thank you for being a good steward of Mother Earth. She has provided for us for so long now it is our turn! :)

by Zarra

Tea drinkers now can join in the fun and yet get the same exciting taste coffee drinkers have known for a long time. Tea drinkers welcome aboard to a new exciting moment I may have try it myself.

by Rose O'Connor

Love your morning blend!
Your mom would be very proud of you.

by Jayme Fullick

I have followed you through this journey from the beginning. I had to wait for the KCups to come to production. When they did, they were amazing! You had to change partners in bringing back the KCups and I cannot wait to once again have your wonderful coffee brewing in my house! The quality, taste, and smooth flavor is not even comparable to other coffees on the market. (I am quite a caffeine addict so I have a lot of experience in trying the other brands.) I absolutely love your dedication to the environment and keeping with your promise to make your products environmentally friendly! I also want to tip a hat to you for expanding into Tea! I know that will be a wonderful addition to your brand of products! I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next for Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee and Tea!

by Michelle H

So excited for this! Thanks for adding tea to the mix. Keep doing what you are doing!

by Mary B

Interesting! Would love to see more whole bean options (perhaps a little cheaper/smaller than 2lbs as well). Fresh ground pour-over via ScottyP would be amazing! (we’re big fans of french vanilla over here). Constantly looking for cost-effective whole bean options to keep our coffee habit going without breaking the bank. Thanks for making great coffee!

by Linda

Very happy to hear you are going to be offering organic and all natural products! Hoping decaf will be included! So happy to hear you will be including tea as well!

by Carl

Would love to try these in the UK. Are these going to be available here eventually? We’re a big fan of both you and Coffee!!!


Very excited about this!!! My daughter and I cant wait!

by Annex and Charlie Beier

P.S. Wishing you the best of luck with these new developments.

by Anne and Charlie Beier

So happy to see that you have in your heart to consider the environment and help those to make a living, while making a great product and creating a line extension that makes sense. Hope to see Peppermint Tea in the line up 😊😉

by Ann Harrell

Can I still order mugs? If so, how?

by Sharon Rogers

So excited to hear that you are going to have tea! I’m a huge tea drinker especially before my events as it’s settling.

by Wes Yelley

Congratulations on this next leg of the adventure! Tea and coffee are natural companions. My wife and I would love to see some simple but flavorful blends that don’t lend to the gimmicks of the big tea guys. Natural flavor beats artificial flavor every time. Also some great support products for brewing loose leaf.

by Edy

Hi Love ❤️Love ❤️ the coffees!!! Looking forward to the selection of teas! Just curious-Are you planning on using the swiss water process to decafinate the decaf teas and coffees or a similar process free of chemicals?? Or do you already do this withvthe decaf coffees? Thanks

by Monkeypoo

Ginger tea with black cumin seed oil and manuka honey. Great hot or ice tea. Super medicinal. All 3 ingredients are cancer fighters.
Thanks Scotty P

by Alicia Babcock-Raposo

I had mentioned hot chocolate as next idea but I’ll take tea! I drink that all year long, hot or cold! Can’t wait😋

by Dawn

Tea! Yay!

by Tara

Exciting news! Can’t wait to try the new products!

by Anna L.

Your coffee is delicious and I’m happy to hear about the addition of a tea line and organically grown plants at that.
I love the way you talk about Mother Earth as I feel the same way about her and the importance of giving back to her by taking care of her before it’s too late.
That’s why I am looking forward to hearing about how you will make the packaging of your products more eco-friendly, especially those K-cups, because while recyclable, they are quite a mess to clean out in a way that recycling centers will accept them. Not convenient to recycle and that is what K-cup users like, convenience. I know, I used to be one. I stopped because I knew how many of those little buggers are out there not being taken apart, washed out and making it to the recycle bin.
So biodegradable is the only way and I look forward to seeing Scotty P’s lead the way in that area, hopefully, because of your love and attention to Mother Earth and not just putting out a great product, but leaving behind as small a footprint as possible. Thanks for listening. Wishing you and your team all the success and good luck in the world 🌍 ❤️

by Ally

I’m so excited about all organic!!!! Every company should strive to sell the best of the best for everyone!!! Looking forward to your teas but I’ll continue enjoying my favorite French Roast coffee!

by Courtney S

I occasionally drink coffee, and I absolutely love drinking tea! This is very exciting news! I’m excited to see what your team will come up with as far as tea goes! I can’t wait to try your products!

by Kate O'Brien-Rourke

The Inside Sales group at PRECOR in Seattle orders your Hazelnut Coffee in increasing frequency now. Can’t get enough – it’s the best. Thank you! :)

by Kiucciola

Everything really good but I’m still waiting for your coffee to be delivered in Italy!

by Tammy

Could you make low acid coffee?

by Allison W

While I love coffee, my 14 year old son loves hot tea (especially when he’s sick). So I would love to see something natural and healthy for him to drink.

by Jody Arbogast

I’m a decafe drinker 😔 Miss my regular coffee. But tea sounds great though. I will one day make an order. ❤❤❤

by Marie Cardona

AMAZING!! I’m so happy to read this and can’t wait to try the new products!! I know they’ll be fantastic as always. This environmental engineer is grateful for what you’re doing. 🙏🏻

- Marie

by Nereida

Thank you so much for making coffee that will be healthier for an avid drinker like myself. I like to consider myself a “Lorelai” type of drinker. Between working retail and law school prep, coffee keeps me moving. Cannot wait to try the kcups!

by Kelly Madigan

I look forward to hearing more about the tea you are planning. I purchased some of your coffee for a family member and they love it. They wish for decaf Columbia k-cups. I know we want it all. Next we will be asking for Hot chocolate. I’m a tea drinker at heart. I start every morning with a cup of tea. Much luck on all future endevours.

by Catherine

I commend you on your goal to be all Organic and environmentally friendly. I know how hard you have to work, and the rigourus stantards you have to adhere to to achieve such a goal.
I’m still waiting patiently, quietly to be able to access your coffee.
Looking forward to trying your tea. If you can get this English woman to stop drinking Yorkshire Gold Tea (the current best tea) then you’re on to a good one. X

by Kathy Wiechers

All very great and positive news! I’m excited about the tea Offering, I’ve been a tea drinker most of my life, just jumped on the coffee wagon in the last 10 years or so!
Thank you for your commitment to the earth, to your customers, and to your family; the very reasons why I continue to love and support your business!
Many blessings and continued success as you move forward.

by Laurie K

That all sounds very exciting. It is a great testament to your work ethic that you continue to strive for new as well as improved products but that you want to do it in a way that keeps Mother Nature “healthy.” I wish you much success.

by Kayla Gibson

Ooh. I’m excited for the tea, because my mom loves tea, and making everything organic makes it even better! Thanks for continually updating us! You and your team are doing amazing work! :)