Starting a coffee business was an idea that began long before I left home the first time. It all started in a tiny yet comfortable kitchen is South Jersey, sitting with my mom and drinking freeze-dried, granular coffee, cup after piping hot cup.

For me, coffee is the perfect drink because I associate so many warm memories with it, and when you offer coffee to a friend you really aren’t offering coffee, you are asking permission to deepen the bond between you.

Coffee is the excuse - and a very good one. But the real meaning of coffee for me is the possibility of deep, long, lasting love and friendship. That is why coffee, for me personally, is pure magic. Even when life kicked me around a little bit I could always rely on my good friend coffee to warm me, keep me company and shove me back out into the starting gate to try again. In the best of times it enhanced whatever good fortune had befallen me. No matter where you are in life coffee is there to lend a helping hand. 

I have personally selected these beans over a long period of time, and the blends that I have crafted reflect my own experiences for that particular category of coffee. 

I would also like you all to know that I am eager to get your feedback on the website, the coffee and anything you can think of. Our collective ear is attuned to your voices, ideas and critiques because we want to make the experience of welcoming you into our family as easy and natural as can be. 

Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee is proud to announce the commencement of business on November 20, 2017. Preorder your coffee and mugs and we will begin shipping in December. 

It is our honor to serve you and we thank you for your business.

Welcome home.

Kindest regards,

Scott and the Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee Team

by Donna

I received your Breakfast Blend and Mug today and couldn’t wait to try it. The aroma is amazing and the taste even better. I love the mug, too. It’s a real “Luke’s Diner” treat. Thank you so much for doing this. Best of luck to you and your staff.

by Lori

OMG!.. Tried the Scottyy P’s Hazelnut blend for the first time and let me tell you. I am a cream as sugar coffee kind of girl, but when I had a cup of the Scotty P’s Hazelnut with little sugar no cream, I was taken back by its flavor did not require ANY CREAM.. YUM YUM.

by Barbara A Ruth

I just received my first bag and couldn’t wait to try it.. the coffee smell wonderful as soon as I opened the box. Well, I made a cup and the Breakfast Blend is by far the smoothest coffee I have ever had and I LOVE coffee.

Thank you!


by Gwen L

Looking forward to pouring my first cup!!! Thanks for sharing your vision and allowing us to follow you!!! Many blessings for a bountiful 2018!!!

by Teresa and Abagail Tubville

First, Congratulations on your Coffee Business! If anyone knows about coffee, it should be you( Luke/Scott) Lol From of the mouth of Lorelei Gilmore ( You got wings, Baby) We are so excited to get your coffee…we are waiting patiently for our order. My daughter and I have been fans for years? Merry Christmas to you and your family?

by May

Thank you for all your hard work ..No getting around it, I’m lazy…will you be making the “pods” with your coffee?

by Pam

When I order coffee will you come and pour it for me???
Can’t wait to taste it.

by Sandy

Hey Scott,
Thank you for always sharing nuggets of your life with us. I really appreciate how passionate and dedicated you are – funny and down to earth too! Your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.
For me, coffee always reminds me of family and friends. I had my first introduction to instant coffee when I was four or five hanging out with my mom and her friends. Oh the joy of listening to adults with my very own cup of coffee heavily diluted with milk!
Thank you again for taking us on this lovely ride with you and your team. Congratulations and all the best to you and your family.

by Margarita Wakeham

Love it! Your words inspire visions of a comfy blanket on a front porch and “Big Mug” flannel coffee cup cozies (I would totally buy one!)!

by Brianne

Growing up in the northeast, there’s nothing quite like coffee in a diner with friends. It’s given me some of my best memories and best conversations. AND it’s obviously the best thing to drink ever.

So excited to get my shipment in the mail. Those who know me know two things I love more than most in the world are coffee, and a bajillion mugs to drink it out of.

So excited for you as you take on this new adventure that I’m sure will be a huge success. I can’t wait to try the coffee, and watch the journey. Enjoy the ride!

by Laura

Just placed my first order and I can’t wait to try it. It’s easy to see that you have put a lot of hard work and long hours into perfecting the perfect blend, and listening to your customers. Looking forward to making this coffee a part of my daily routine, best of luck on your new business!

by Ursiwitch

Congratulations on your new adventure! I just placed my first order of coffee and the Artemis mug! Thank you!

by Rick

My coffee memories are probably quite different to most. Not that you could ever relax entirely in Afghanistan, having a coffee was a moment of pause for us in the squads. A chance to recharge, regain focus before you head back out. A few moments of relative calm camaraderie with your brothers. There’s a lot more I could say about those moments. To be honest I haven’t really drunk it since then, but I’m sure your new stuff is great. Good luck with your latest endeavour mate.

by Amy Beard

I’m so excited to try your new coffee! My daughter and I are huge fans !! This is such a great accomplishment and I can’t wait to see what’s next!! Good luck and I know this will be awesome!!

by Beverly Wright

I’m so excited and can’t wait to try your coffee!! Congratulations on this new adventure! Love the coffee mug designs as well!

by Kayla Gibson

Thank you for sharing your journey to come up with the perfect coffee blends! It’s refreshing to hear just hard you worked to perfect it, shows how much you care about bringing the coffee blends that people will love!
This isn’t a specific memory, but the one person I know that drinks coffee pretty much every day is my grandmother. The mornings I remember spending at her house, or her at my house, was smelling coffee. And the days I’m not with her, I can picture her waking up, making her morning cup of coffee, and sitting down at the table, or in the living room to watch the Price is Right, or whatever else is on the TV, the news maybe. As a kid, I don’t remember ever realizing she was drinking coffee, but eventually, I could smell the coffee, and always wondered if coffee was as delicious as it smelled. And now at 22, I’m hoping I can wake up every morning, just like my grandmother, and enjoy a cup of coffee before work, or if I’m not working that day, enjoy it at the table, or watching something on TV. I’m hoping maybe I can get myself accustomed to coffee and love it just as much as you do.
Anyway, congrats on all your success! I shall make sure my grandma tries some of your coffee!

by EJ

I’m so glad to hear the backstory behind this enterprise and that it wasn’t just some Marketer’s idea to trade on your fame as Luke. Looking forward to trying it. While watching the Girls, of course.

by Amber N. George

Now we all don’t have to keep saying Please Luke… please please pleeeease come out with your own coffee. Hahaha - So excited!!!! Tons of coffee loving Gilmore Girls fans dreams have completely just been made. Go Scotty P! ☆♡☆♡☆

by Rita Sartin

Looking forward to trying some, while watching Gilmore Girls!

by Charlie

I was impressed with the code-generated purchase experience on mobile! I was in as soon as I woke up on the 20th and that was impressive!
My best coffee memory was seeing my daughter discover the idea of using frozen coffee as ice cubes in her summertime iced coffee. That look of amazement was awesome.
Can’t wait to get this delivery – big time anticipation.
Thanks again.

by Grace Miles

Congratulations Scott! I ordered the breakfast Blend and I could of easily ordered them all. Can’t wait to try it ☕

by Mary B

YAY ! I cannot wait to taste your Breakfast Blend and French Roast. Thank you Scott and best wishes on you new venture !

by LaVerne Clark

I dropped by to see if you ship to New Zealand – and you do! I’m very excited. I know it’ll take a little longer than everyone else’s to arrive, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Good luck with your new venture. And thanks for inviting us all along on the ride :)

by amy


by Christina

I can’t wait to try your coffee. Will you have it in a k-cup any time soon?

by Tracy D

Congrats on your new coffee business! Will the coffee be available in k-cups? Best of luck to you

by Catherine L

Congratulations on the launch of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee! I’m very much looking forward to tasting your Breakfast Blend. Having worked for a coffee roasting company in the UK for the last 9 years I have had the opportunity to taste some of the finest (or maybe just the most expensive) coffees in the world. But yours is the one I’ve looked forward to the most! :)
I wish you every success in your new business.

by Laurie

My mom did the exact same thing. Instant coffee… black every day. One cup in the morning and one cup at night. Night time always had a cookie with it. Memories are amazing things. At 97, she is still with us but the daily coffee isn’t a part of her day any more.
Best of luck to you.

by Hope Hollmers

I placed my order as soon as I opened .y eyes today! Can’t wait to serve on Christmas morning! This is a huge accomplishment. So very proud to have been able to enjoy the excitement along the way as a fan!

by Texas Caffeind

I’m thrilled to congratulate you on your launch, after so many months of dreaming, planning, researching and testing. Your perfectionism, dedication, and persistence will, I am confident, guarantee a quality product and stellar customer service. Can’t wait to try all the varieties. Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

by Sharon Rogers

Yay! The day we’ve all been waiting for. My credit card is going to be tired ! Congratulations on your new success ☕️

by Zarra Liantonio

Congratulations! the time has come for my cup of coffee, quick question? need to know if your

willing to add coffee capsules “coffee Pods” we call them and if so when? can consumers get also
larger bags of coffee as well, like 1000.00grams which is our 1 kg bags of coffe, if so when? as you can
tell soooooo excited. Thanks

by Karen Bradley

I’m so excited to order your coffee for my 80 year old Mom for Christmas. She is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and loves your character. She had a massive stroke a few years ago and is paralyzed on one side which limits most everything in her life. BUT NOT COFFEE…coffee is her favorite activity she is still able to participate in ! ❤️☕️. She is going to LOVE your coffee!

by Anna

Coffee is definitely more than a beverage; it’s a warm hug between friends!

by Gloria Lopez

Excited to try something new.

by Paige Miller

Got my pre-order in for 2 different blends! Can’t wait to try!

Thanks Scott!

Paige from Texas

by mtrlwld

Exciting! I need a coffee ☕️ bowl!

by Kathy

I cannot wait for my coffee to arrive….idea for your next step…..your own coffee shops! I would live there!

by Debbie

Packaging and logo look fantastic
Best of luck,can’t wait to try it!

by Jolanda

I am going to purchage this,and your Mugs to.
I really want to try your coffee,because its my favorite drink every day I start whit coffee,
No coffee no Jolanda and that would be a wasted xxx
Good luck whit thisxx

by Alicia Suarez

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to try your new coffee!! I can’t wait! ☕️

by Tatiana

I can’t wait to get my hands on a bag.. I’m so happy for u Scott..

by Connie McCarthy

Congratulations! Can’t wait to taste your coffee. I know it will be as great as your music. Thank you Scott.

by Connie McCarthy

Congratulations can’t wait to taste your coffee. I know it will be as great as your music. Thank you Scott.

by Linda Horn

WOO-HOO !! So happy to pre order!!!

by Jenny

I’m so excited to try your coffee!