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Hello Good People and fellow Coffee Fanatics!

It’s been a beat so I wanted to poke you - not too hard, just a gentle nudge to prep you for what’s to come.

Scott Patterson Pres/CEO of Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee

We’re listening to our customers, and making product and packaging changes based on your suggestions and input while still maintaining our commitment to bring you the highest quality coffees at the lowest possible prices while also being responsible inhabitants of our Dear Mother Earth. We must protect her as she has protected and nurtured us so lovingly for so long.....

Scott Patteson on UPtv's Gilmore Girls

It was the year 2000, I’d already filmed the Gilmore pilot in Toronto and I was looking for another job. Remember - I was but a guest star in the pilot and once my duties were fulfilled, I was a free agent all over again....