Scott Patterson's (Luke Danes) Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee




5 STARS -  "I wanted to write a follow up as I received 2 bags as a gift yesterday. I tried the butterscotch cream this morning and can now say I have a good idea what heaven smells and tastes like! I am an avid coffee drinker and have tried many brands and flavors and can say with complete honesty this is one of the best flavored coffees I have ever had.  Going online to order more because it truly is that good.  Well done Scott! Thank you for bringing us this fantastic coffee!” - Frank D.

5 STARS -  “My coffee bar is completed! May be a tad bit addicted to Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee - 3 in the jar & 6 on deck & I still plan on ordering more!” - Lindsay H.

5 STARS - "Just received my vanilla ice cream flavor this morning, a full month before the estimated ship date.  I have never liked black coffee.  I always add cream and sugar.  I could drink this one black and the aroma is fabulous. Think I may have found a new favorite coffee!"- Christal Durkin Marelli 

5 STARS - "While I am a Gilmore Girls fan, this has nothing to do with that. It only provided the conduit to find Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee. As someone who has struggled over the past decade with a love of coffee, while I could not fully indulge due to most brands upsetting my system, I was excited to try this brand. I was not disappointed, and in fact, pleasantly surprised. This is the first brand I have had where I did not have to space coffee out, only drinking every few days and no more than one cup. I can drink multiple cups and have no pain and upset at all. And, it tastes great too, whether just drinking it black or with cream. You can pick up all the notes of the infused flavors, and it's so smooth going down. Thank you for allowing me to get excited about coffee again. I am so glad to have found the Scotty P’s brand and will spread the word to whomever I know as Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee will now be my go-to brand. I wish you much success in the future." - Melissa Young

5 STARS - "Mom's Favorite is the best coffee I have had in a long time! Thank you so much from this exhausted mom!" - Christine Žubrinić Castillo

5 STARS - "I love the Breakfast Blend! It gives that classic diner coffee taste without the diner cost." - Kyle Blow

5 STARS - "It has the best taste. I just received my Breakfast Blend. It is excellent!" - Caroline Irene

5 STARS - "As a mama who has been working from home  since before it was cool, I was excited to add Scotty P's to my coffee rotation. Two cups of Breakfast Blend later, and I can say that I'm a fan of both Gilmore Girls and this smooth coffee! Already ordered a three-pack of the French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Jamaican Me Crazy - can't wait to try them all!" - Caiti Riffee

5 STARS - "GREAT COFFEE!! No bitter after taste. I bought the Breakfast Blend. had my first cup just this morning and I'm hooked. I'm an organic coffee drinker, organic doesnt have the bitter taste most coffees leave behind. I had been looking for a regular coffee without the bitterness. I found it in Scotty P's. FINALLY!!!" - Lulu Sellers

5 STARS - "Best coffee I have ever put in my Keurig!!!" - Marissa Mace

5 STARS - "This Breakfast Blend is so smooth zero bitterness I Love Love this coffee!!!!!" - Sunshine Mullins

5 STARS - "Delicious! If this is what Luke's coffee tasted like, I can see why Lorelei was so addicted!" - Courtney Laine Hatcher

5 STARS - "My wife surprised me with the Breakfast Blend K Cups and they are great!" - Chris Dilley

5 STARS - "We've been searching for the perfect coffee since we purchased the Astor House in September. Nothing seemed perfect...until our first sip of the Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee's House Blend. We knew from the very first cup - our search was over. From the moment the bag is opened in the morning, to the last cup of the day, the coffee is amazing. We can't say enough about the flavor. The notes and depth of flavors are outstanding. It's smooth. There's no bitterness. Only the desire to have another cup. Everyone we've shared it with loves it, too. People are extremely interested and intrigued by Scott Patterson's coffee because of his association with 'Gilmore Girls'. Then they taste it, and they're over the moon for it, just like we are. We began selling bags to the very first guest who tried it.

The support from Scott and his team has been unparalleled. Scott called personally to welcome us and has been so generous with his support of our Inn on his social media platforms. Becoming a partner with Scotty P's has increased our social media presence tremendously. To anyone out there considering a partnership with Scotty P's, don't hesitate. This is a win, win, win, WIN. Win #1: You get the best premium coffee on earth at a wholesale price. Win #2: It's got super-food benefits! Win #3: Your customers will love you more. Win #4: Scott and his team will truly partner with you to support your success! This partnership has taken our business to new levels of greatness." - Tom & Linda Steber, Astor House - Green Bay, WI -5 Star Wholesale Partner

5 STARS - "My morning espresso is a cherished event that happens to also be critical for the rest of my family’s wellbeing. I don’t function without it. I’ve tried a slew of espresso beans in my life. There isn’t a place I’ve visited that I didn’t research and try the local favorite espresso. Finding the perfect cup is a hobby of mine and I was excited to try Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee espresso beans. From the aromatic experience, while grinding the beans, to the first sip, I enjoy each step and soak it in. Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee did not disappoint. There was no trace of bitterness. It was as sweet and smokey as it claimed to be. I didn’t require cream or sugar to enhance the taste. It was a delicious surprise." - Abbi Glines

5 STARS - "Just received the new Breakfast Blend. Just had my first cup. It was extremely smooth. I only added a bit of milk, very tasty indeed. I am one that likes a milder roast so this checked the box for me. I hope to see flavored blends added soon." - Laurie Kransky

5 STARS - “Oh my goodness! I have been wanting to try Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee for a while now and finally received it as a birthday gift. The coffee went beyond my expectations! It's delicious, very smooth and not bitter. I've been a barista going on 5 years now, worked at two different coffee shops and taught a barista class and yet this is still the best coffee I have tasted. I will be a frequent returning customer. Didn't disappoint my Luke Danes coffee expectations.” - Tamara Hoops  

5 STARS -"I love coffee. The smell alone is intoxicatingly wonderful. Often I crave coffee. The peril? In the world of romanticism, coffee would be my forbidden, star-crossed lover. While I want it, it’s horrible for me. Coffee? Horrible? Shock! So many have such a wonderful love story with it. I read their posts online. I see how that bold cup of joe kisses their lips every morning jump starting their day and fueling their soul. For me? Oh it makes me wretched. I crash super fast. I get sick to my stomach. I get so jittery that I actually can taste colors and see sounds. Coffee would seduce me then ruin me. Star crossed I tell you!

When I saw that Scott Patterson created his own coffee company I was actually depressed. How could the man who played Luke in my all time favorite show ever make something that I can’t have? I mean I have an autographed photo of the man hanging on the wall in my room. What? It’s not creepy! *kicks a rock and looks down at feet nonchalanty*. It’s not! I just have huge admiration for the character he portrays and his amazing skills that allow him to do so.

On a whim, I stalked Amazon until the kcups were back in stock. I put on my big girl panties and decided to suck up all the sludge coffee would make me feel because heck yes, I had to try it. I held the cup and braved my first sip thinking please don’t let me down. Holy moly did the Breakfast Blend deliver! It was SO smooth! There was no bite. No bark. Just delicious hot silk. Even better? Zero bitter after taste. Never would I fathom drinking coffee black but there is no way I am allowing cream to ruin the taste of this coffee. I drink it with just one sugar and it's perfection.

I drank an entire cup today and waited for the jitters and sick feelings to slam into me. Never. Happened. I had a nice caffeine pick me up but that was it. For once I get how Lorelei could drink so much coffee without passing out! She was clearly drinking Scotty P’s!! There was no after coffee crash. There was no swirling of my super sensitive stomach. It’s so inspiring that I’m going to get another coffee machine for home and actually use it!

This is the real deal of coffee created by a real deal of a man. Scotty P’s...this thing we’re doing here, me, you, I’m in. I’m all in. So everyone...copper boom and go get yourself some of this coffee on Amazon. And Scott Patterson, Will you just stand still? So I can tell you THANK YOU for making the only coffee I can truly enjoy! (And my Gilmore Girls fans hopefully get my cheesy references!)

Did I mention his company is environmentally friendly AND he’s a Philly boy?! " - Jillian McKendree

5 STARS - "I purchased Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee Breakfast Blend and French Roast K-Cups. I have to say that they are the best quality that I have ever had! The taste is so much smoother than any other brand that I have ever had. I am literally in LOVE with Scotty P’s K-Cups! I have officially found my new caffeine supplier! I drink coffee to start my day, continue my day, and finish my day. This is the perfect coffee to take me through my daily journey which my caffeine is needed! Thank you so much Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee for providing me with a wonderful coffee to supply my caffeine needs! Also, a big thank you for taking that extra step to ensure that you are helping the environment by making the K-Cups recyclable! Plus, I was so happy to be able to purchase your quality mugs to enjoy your coffee in!" - Jayme Lynn Fullick

5 STARS - "WOW..MIND BLOWING COFFEE" - Yvette Santiago Campbell

5 STARS - "I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and when I find out that Scott Patterson really had a coffee business I just had to try it. I ordered the coffee KCups as a novelty item to try but it has turned me into a true customer, I honestly I love this coffee & do not want to drink any other brand. Scott has knocked it out of the park with his coffee, the aroma is delicious, the coffee is so smooth & flavorful, there is no bitterness at all. Thank you Scott, Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee has me drinking coffee like a Gilmore Girl for real!" - Melissa Borowski

5 STARS - "Thank you Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee! I love your Hazelnut Coffee!! It is Perfect on a Snow day in the Pacific Northwest! Thank you Again!" - Gwen Dryden

5 STARS - "When my order arrived, even before I read the label on the box, the delicious aroma of the coffee caught me, and I just stood there and inhaled it for all it was worth. This moment was only surpassed time and time again when I brewed pot after pot. Now, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t trade some of it for Luke pouring me a cup or six, but by far, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had." - Lisa DelCasale

5 STARS - "Diner Blend whole bean is delicious, medium body and perfect morning brew! I may have drank a pot while watching Gilmore Girls before work!" - DonnaMarie Candela

5 STARS - "I’m a coffee lover, 100% through and through. After chemo, coffee decided it didn’t feel the same way I did. As much as I love the first sip, the first sigh, my newly damaged heart would palpitate, I would break out into sweats, see double. No more coffee said the doctor. My heart was broken. Where would I go from here? I’m to old to learn to love tea! :( Decaf he said. What?! I tried a couple they were di-GUST-ing. A nice woman a the library had a Scotty P’s mug. I instantly thought Luke! (A complete aside, if Luke were non fiction every woman in the world would marry him.) We got to talking and for medical reasons as well she had to drink decaf, she told me it was the most amazing taste and that the first sip would feel like home. She was NOT wrong, it was amazing. So thank you from the bottom of my coffee loving heart! Yours Sincerely, Coffee Lover, Max

5 STARS - "I have had several orders now and have not been disappointed! Delicious and smooth taste......I am a big time coffee drinker and have tried a bazillion brands, was mostly drinking Starbucks breakfast blend til I tried Scotty P’s, Starbucks stock has probably gone down lol....." - Anna Sanchez

5 STARS - "This is a delicious cup of coffee" - Annie Marie

5 STARS - "100% recommend and will purchase again! By far best coffee I have tried. I was very apprehensive, even with the astounding reviews. This coffee is so smooth and has no funky, bitter after taste. I keep expecting it after each sip, and it never happens. Scotty P's coffee is the one for me!" - Melissa Juliana Bullion

5 STARS - "This coffee is as smooth as Scotty P's voice" - Freda Upton Harvey

5 STARS - "Rich, smooth flavor. This coffee is excellent and so is the customer service" - Patty Hancock

5 STARS - “Morning Joy - Motherhood has taught me to savor every moment of joy and tranquility. This is especially important when you are getting ready to tackle a hectic day. And pausing to observe the beauty of an ever-changing world can make all the difference.
As the sun rose above the roofs of the Washington, DC townhomes, I brewed my first cup of Scotty P’s coffee. The smooth, smoky aroma of the Breakfast Blend filled the dining room with coziness and anticipation. Pouring it into the mug awakened all my senses, as my hands began to warm up for the day. The first rays of sunlight seeped through the reading room shutters, turning every sip into an ethereal experience. The refined, oaky flavor was as pleasant as a nature wake-up call. And at that moment, I realized that I had inadvertently succumbed to a memorable moment that allowed me to savor the joy and calmness of the first hours of a perfect morning. This is how a cup of coffee should make you feel. The breakfast blend marked a glorious beginning of a wonderful day. Happy Monday!” - Monica Debia-McKinley

5 STARS - "Love is in the air and it smells like coffee! I am a devout Gilmore Girls watcher and always wondered what the coffee tasted like so when I had the opportunity to purchase Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee, I jumped on board! I chose the French Roast for my first bag. The color is a rich dark brown when looking at the granules. I put an adequate amount in my coffee machine and was in heaven as the scent of fresh brewed coffee wafted through my kitchen. I waited until it was completely brewed to have the FIRST cup! I always wondered how it tasted and today I got to try it for myself! Rich, full flavored, smooth and delightful is how I would describe Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee French Roast. I am on my second mug and enjoying each sip. Unlike other coffee that can be bitter, this French Roast is a real pick-me-up and tasted delicious with each sip!
Had I never watched the Gilmore Girls, I don’t think I would have ever known Scott Patterson had his own coffee line of products and I couldn’t resist buying some coffee….I highly recommend Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee to all coffee lovers like myself. You are going to be thanking me and Scotty P with each sip you take! I will surely be ordering more and will be trying each kind you have! I am a coffee lover and nothing says love like a fresh cup of Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee! 5 Stars from me! Thanks for this great example of what coffee should taste like!" - Nancy M. 

5 STARS - "Very aromatic coffee. The Breakfast Blend has a smooth and mellow taste. The best part is,the coffee isn't harsh on my tummy." - Tina Sabat

5 STARS - "This coffee is exceptional. I love how smooth it is without it being weak. The bags are a fabulous red that brings joy just looking at them but the aroma coming from the bag is really what does it. It’s just the best coffee ever!" - Sarah Davidson

5 STARS - "My order was messed up and I sent an email and the very same night Scott Patterson himself called me and we talked for 10 minutes about coffee, skiing, and Gilmore girls! That is the best customer service I’ve ever received! This is my 10th order and I’ll be a lifetime customer for sure!" - Matt Turner

5 STARS - "Rich, smooth flavor. This coffee is excellent and so is the customer service." - Patty Hancock

5 STARS - "Delicious in every way - hot or cold. Better than cold brew! Happy to support this wonderful company and COMMUNITY!" - Elizabeth Bonnie McKnight Paulson

5 STARS - “I received my order yesterday and am so thrilled to report that this coffee is outstanding. Of course, I am a Gilmore Girls/Scott Patterson/Luke Danes fan but I’m also a coffee lover. I’ve tried the French Roast, the Vanilla and the Breakfast Blend. All were delicious and a have a really smooth flavor. Thank you Scotty P’s for such a wonderful product. I will definitely be reordering!”- Amanda Howell

5 STARS - "I would be lying if I said I didn’t buy this because Scott was on GG. Of course I did.It will be the only coffee I purchase from now on. I LOVE the French Vanilla. The taste is so smooth and not bitter at all. I drink one cup a day, in my Keurig with a ton of creamer. But I found I needed a lot less creamer in this cup. It is simply amazing. I am now a customer for life because of the taste of the coffee and not just because Of Luke Danes." - Kelly Schroeder

5 STARS - " I went to a friends house & she brewed me up a cup. OMG!! The Best! Want to start my day with that coffee every day!!" - Jann Childers

5 STARS - "Excellent coffee and customer service! Received the wrong kind at first and contacted them about it. Was able to keep what they sent and they sent me what I originally ordered with 2 days! Such great service. So With the extra coffee I received I was able to bless a friend with some. We are both die hard GG Fans." - Kayla Gerard
5 STARS - "Hi Scott! Congrats on the coffee business. I love, love, love, your coffee.I buy the breakfast blend and it is smooth and delicious. Keep up the great work!" - Ann Marie Marranzini
5 STARS - "The French vanilla is great and addicting. Nothing compares to that great smell. I also love the Breakfast Blend and my nice hearty coffee cup. Thank you for making this a reality." - E Erin Such
5 STARS -"HANDS DOWN BEST COFFEE. And don't think the lower price tag means the quality was compromised in any way - it is HIGHER quality than the pricier brands. Being a fan of Gilmore Girls as well as SMITHRADIO, I heard about Scott Patterson's coffee and placed an order, because I could tell that when he invests in a dream, a project, or a goal, he goes all in with his heart and mind. I drove over the U.S/Canadian border to pick up my first order which included the Breakfast Blend as well as the French Roast. OK...there are a lot of coffees I "like"...but....THIS coffee...I LOVE. Sip it...savor it...or gulp it down...haha, no regrets either way. The smoothness especially - no bitter aftertaste and it is not overpowering. It's actually the only coffee I can drink black, which is not the case with any other coffee. If you have not tried it..TRY will not disappoint. It certainly hasn't disappointed the guests I've served it to in my home. Serve it to your family. Serve it to your friends. Make MEMORIES over a hot cup of this fantastic coffee. Thank you Scott!" - Marie Cardona 
5 STARS - "My wife is a Gilmore girls fan and I am a Scotty P’s fan. I have tried two kinds of his coffee and find both are smooth with good flavor, no bitter after bite and I love the heavy old school coffee mug as well." - Don Hodgins
5 STARS - "I ordered the French Vanilla Roast, & I’m hooked. I’m going to have to try the other blends! I got my order pretty fast. I definitely felt like I got to experience Luke’s Diner coffee, thanks so much for the awesome customer service!" - Jessica McKnight
5 STARS - "Love it it’s awesome. I would recommend anyone to try his coffee" - Erica Atkinson
5 STARS - "Got it for a Christmas gift, now that is a gift perfect for someone like me. Great coffee, super cool mug." - Katie Nielsen
5 STARS - "My husband and I love the hazelnut. I'm not usually a coffee person, but this one I drink!" 
- Cindy Johnson Daly
5 STARS - "Just made my first order! This coffee is amazing!" - Andrew Garbarini
5 STARS - "I got the Hazelnut 3 pack with French roast and Breakfast blend for my husband, who is a huge coffee drinker. He loves it!! He even said that he’s not usually a fan of French Roast blends but he enjoyed this one!! It smells delicious as well! I will definitely be buying more for him in the future!" - Elizabeth McGauley
5 STARS - " This will be my second order. The coffee is smooth and wonderful. All are good but the French Vanilla is my favorite." - Tracey Lenz
5 STARS - " I wish there was a subscription option! The Hazelnut coffee was some of the best that I had in a long time!" - Adria Balaam
5 STARS - "Love your breakfast blend. I’m just sorry I can’t go to the store here in Norway to buy more." - Trine Charlotte Evensen
5 STARS - "I wish there was a higher number that I could rate this. I got the French Vanilla, French Roast and Breakfast Blend three pack for Valentine's Day for my fiance. We are both coffee lovers and have tried many different brands and flavors. I think we've officially found "our" coffee. Every cup is the perfect cup of coffee...smooth, full of amazing flavor and an experience in itself. I'm so impressed and happy to have found such an all around fantastic product, and even more happy that it is brought to us by Scott Patterson, who we are both fans of as well. We will be very long time purchasers of this deliciousness!" - Shawn Danford
5 STARS - "This coffee is so good! Rich and full of flavor. My cousin got me French Roast to try and I think it’s the best coffee I have ever had!!! It’s so good!!!" - Elizabeth Ashley
5 STARS - "All this time I thought it was my 1000 year old coffee maker that messes with the quality (smoothness, bitterness factor) of my coffee as I'd tried several well-known brands of coffee, all with inconsistency. Not the case with Scotty P's coffee!!! I have put it to the test and can say that EVERY SINGLE CUP has been smooth! The French Vanilla is fantastic. My one issue is that I'm a bit caffeine sensitive, so I beg of you, please create flavored decaf... then I'd be in heaven!" - Gwen Wiest
5 STARS - "I’m not a big coffee drinker. But Scotty Ps is turning me into one. This is wonderfully delicious" - Stephanie Bekker
5 STARS - " Purchased the combination packages for my husband (a real coffee connoisseur) for Valentine's Day. So far he has tried the hazelnut and breakfast blend. He says the Hazelnut is deliciously nutty ... one of the best he’s ever had.. and the Breakfast Blend is very smooth and has a great taste. I too, have tried each and love the taste! I also got him Scotty P's mug to go with it, it has become his favorite!! Way to go Luke!!! It’s no wonder Lorelai was drawn to your diner for coffee!!!"- Bobbi Phillip
5 STARS - "I am not a coffee drinker at all, but am a Scott Patterson/Luke Danes fan so I wanted to support this endeavor. I bought all four flavors of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee for my husband, an avid coffee drinker, and he is enjoying all of them immensely. Even I, the non-coffee drinker, had to try the French Vanilla coffee because it smells amazing! He couldn’t believe I liked it! Ordering was easy, shipping was swift and we got it a day earlier than expected. I will be a repeat customer and from the looks of it, will be ordering soon because the French Roast is already gone. Thank you for these great products and for the gift of “Luke Danes” for so many years!" - Andrea Reid
5 STARS - "Love love this coffee!! Order, you will NOT be disappointed."- Brook Sly Rasmuson
5 STARS - "After watching Rory and Lorelai brag on "Luke's" coffee for so many years, the expectations were high!! Trust me that this brand not only lives up to that, it surpasses it!"- Patti Rivera Shirley
5 STARS - "The French Roast is amazing!! Did not even need cream or sugar. Can’t wait to try Breakfast Blend! Thank you!!" - Carrie Ingstad
5 STARS - "Loving this coffee on a cold morning in Chicago!"- Scott Robertson
5 STARS - "Where do I begin!! I have been waiting for the day that Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee would become a reality! I have loved Gilmore Girls and the character of Luke from the first time I watched it. It was a common love in our home as our girls were growing up and gave us many opportunities to laugh, shed a few tears and bond together. I placed my order for the coffee as soon as the pre-order was open!! I planned to give it to my girls and son-in-law for Christmas in a basket with Gilmore related mugs and books and a cookbook. Unfortunately, it didn't quite make it in time to put in the basket. It came two days after haha! However, the incredible customer service following up with my order was like no other company I have ever shopped with! I got a personal message from Mr. Patterson about the delay and they also sent me a free bag of coffee! It was so amazing! I purchased the 3-pack of French Vanilla and was given the Breakfast Blend. The coffee is really a whole experience. From the moment you open the package to the time you take your first sip! It is so flavorful and robust. You can tell that much thought, consideration and research has gone into it. I am placing my next order after I finish writing this!! Thank you Scott for your vision and making it happen! I am a customer for life!"- Marci Strong
5 STARS - "Great coffee at a great price! French Vanilla is my favorite; the aroma is fabulous and it's got just the right amount of sweetness that doesn't overpower the rich coffee flavor. I've also bought the Breakfast Blend, French Roast, and Hazelnut. All great coffees, I switch it up every day depending on my mood!" - Kathy Wiechers

5 STARS - "I tried it just for the gimmick of drinking Luke Danes coffee. I'll be buying it again as this quickly become my new favorite coffee. It's just so smooth, I'm disappointed if I have anything else. When I first opened the box I got a delicious aroma that made me want to brew a cup immediately. I've gotten my husband addicted too and he's asking for it daily when he's normally a once a week coffee guy. We're in love with the French Vanilla flavor and can't wait to try the Breakfast Blend next. I should have ordered more flavors."- Jeanne Cautrell

5 STARS - "Tried the coffee for the first time today! My husband got me the variety pack for Christmas and let me just say I am in love!!! It is soooo good!!! AMAZING!!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer!! " - Lyndsey Shea

5 STARS - "My husband and I love the hazelnut. I'm not usually a coffee person, but this one I drink! " - Christin Juntila

5 STARS - "I am a coffee snob and an even bigger Scott fan! So when I stumbled upon this I thought I was dreaming! I’m always in search of a perfect cup of coffee and I feel I have now found it! Thanks Scotty P’s! The Breakfast Blend is amazing!!! I also love the mug! Not too heavy, but sturdy!!! Now if only I was Lorelei!!!" - Kerry Aleccia

5 STARS - "When people have said this coffee is so smooth and not bitter at all, I had to try it out. Being a black coffee drinker I am exceptionally picky about what goes in my cup. This coffee truly lives up to its reviews. This is the best coffee I’ve had, probably EVER. I’m so glad I gave it a shot." - Jackie Williams 

5 STARS - "A cup of heaven! Today I tried the breakfast Blend for the first time and what a smooth blend with so much flavour. As soon as the postman handed the box to me, I could smell the aroma. A delicious coffee which you can enjoy not just at breakfast, but throughout the whole day. It's always been such a pleasure following your journey Scott and I am so proud of what you have achieved and you will keep achieving much more. Definitely have a customer for life and can't wait to try more blends. Grace Miles from London UK" - Grace Miles

5 STARS - "Just can't get enough of your great smelling and wonderful tasting coffee. Hubby also ate up the banana bread!! Have not seen anything better at this kind of price!" - Lyn Horn

5 STARS - "Excellent blends! Exquisite coffee and very affordable. I've been sharing mine with all my friends that visit and the vote is unanimous.... Amazingly flavorful! It's like a big hug in a cup!!" - Jill Newsom

5 STARS - "I love the Breakfast Blend--especially in my diner mug. Delicious coffee!" - Jamie Pancallo

5 STARS - "I am thoroughly enjoying my Scotty P's coffee. I ordered the Breakfast Blend, Hazelnut, and French Roast and they are all excellent. 
I have made a couple pots of Hazelnut and French Roast mixed together and it was divine !! Thanks Scott for the great coffee !!" - Benita Brandon Finney

5 STARS - "I am so in love with the Breakfast Blend! Although not quite a total "Lorelei", my day begins with a hot, fresh pot of coffee that I drink in it's entirety. And I drink it black, no sugar so it has to be good. This is exceptional. Smooth, rich, flavorful. No bitterness, no harshness. Better than I even hoped. Thank you Scotty P.!!!" - Diane Hall

5 STARS - "Just tried the Breakfast Blend, it is perfection! The aroma while brewing was lovely, and the coffee itself is so smooth and delicious. "Luke's" coffee is really all I was hoping for, and more!" - Michelle Stevens

5 STARS - " Totally meets my high expectations after reading so many rave reviews. Smooth and rich are the words that come to mind to describe the Breakfast Blend. I'm a fan and eagerly await international shipping to be resumed" - Cindy Jutzi-Dunbar

5 STARS - "The hazelnut is fabulous!! I can't wait to try other blends. I will be ordering again in the very near future!!" - Heather Bassett Jones

5 STARS - "I received my order so fast! As soon as I opened the box I wanted it right away. It smells amazing. I purchased the breakfast blend and it did not disappoint. It's delicious!!!!! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Amazing coffee! And excited for your new business! I've been a fan for many years. I will make sure to tell everyone about your wonderful coffee." - Candice Elaine Owen

5 STARS - "Great cup of bean!! Really enjoyed breakfast blend, especially in my new mug" - Christine Faressa

5 STARS - "OMG, my favorite new coffee. It's so flavorful and smooth. I bought breakfast blend and French Vanilla first. The French Vanilla was a Christmas gift and I was so sad because it smelled so heavenly that I wanted to keep it for myself. So...I've ordered French Vanilla for myself and can't wait to try it. Excellent coffee, excellent customer service. I feel like Lorelei cause I'm drinking a lot more coffee now. Thanks for filling my coffee needs." - Linda Aime

5 STARS - "I am a HUGE coffee drinker. (Think #Gilmoregirls -#coffeecoffeecoffee ) This coffee is amazing! And you can't beat the price and customer service.Thanks for a great product & for feeding my love of coffee! My daughter works at sbux..and loved it too!" - Dawn Hughes

5 STARS - "Awesome coffee at a great price!! If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should!!" - Sloane Fears Kelley

5 STARS - "I ordered the Columbian Decaf and the Breakfast Blend coffees and love them both so much! I bought a French press so I could brew my Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee the Scott Patterson way, and let me tell you, I'm enjoying my Scotty P's brews. Both varieties are very smooth and delicious. I can't wait to try the other flavors!" - Wendy Shoup 

5 STARS - "Have been waiting with baited breath for my order to arrive and definitely wasn’t disappointed. Living in Melbourne, Australia my expectation of coffee is pretty high and Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee is beyond words. And, during this hot Australian summer, having it over ice is just as amazing. I am also incredibly blown away by the Scott and the team in regards to following up with the shipping delays. No other company would be so loyal and kind to their customers like this. I would rate more than five stars if I could. You should be very proud of what you’ve created here, Scott. Can’t wait to order our next batch !" - Taylor Kendal 

5 STARS - "I'm not a coffee lover. I want to like coffee. I'm obsessed with coffee and the way it smells. I'm obsessed with coffee mugs. I have just never been able to acquire a taste for it. However, I do support the habit. Haha. Many of my family members love coffee. Including my husband and mom, who has to drink decaf. So, I ordered 3 flavors from Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee to surprise my husband, Eric and a bag of decaf for my mom! Of course, I had to buy myself the mug also! It came over the weekend!! It smells so good! Eric was SO excited to try it, that he went out and bought the attachment for the Keurig to make a cup of coffee!! He LOVED the coffee! Said it is easily his new favorite! My mom is DYING to get her hands on the bag of decaf I bought her! Hopefully, at some point, you'll have some flavored decaf options! My mom has to drink decaf, but loves flavored coffee. And it's so hard to find options when it's decaf! " - Ashley Black

5 STARS - "Really, really good coffee! Love the breakfast blend and can’t wait to try the French roast. Congratulations!" - Leticia Bustos

5 STARS - "I ordered 6 bags of coffee from Scott for Christmas. Unfortunately they did not make it on time, but to apologize Scott called me up personally to apologize and threw in a free bag of coffee. He and his team provide great customer service! The coffee is also great, very smooth, a good roast. I’ve only tried the Breakfast Blend so far but I cannot wait to try the French Roast! Thank you for a quality product and a leap back into Stars Hollow! I would definitely recommend purchasing these products." - Tabitha Sander

5 STARS - "Hey Scott - Your coffee is delicious! Now that I've tried your Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Hazelnut & French Vanilla and have enjoyed your coffee daily for weeks now, I wanted to give you a proper shoutout! I only wish I could have given you more stars! All your blends are so smooth & rich and absolutely zero bitterness! The French Vanilla & Hazelnut are wonderfully sweet! And your mugs - the absolute best! They make me happy! You've truly crushed this dream of yours! Congratulations to you & your team! Your #ScottyPsBigMugCoffee is sublime!" - Sandy Shaw Sikich

5 STARS - "Love the aroma and the taste. The mug is cute too, a real "Lukes Diner" treat." - Donna Green

5 STARS - "I love this coffee!!! I bought the variety pack a few weeks ago and like the breakfast blend and love the french roast. I hadn't tried the hazelnut until today because I wasn't a huge fan of a different brand of hazelnut I had tried in the past. But this stuff is delicious!! I was already a coffee addict before... this is not going to help, lol." - Stacy Mari 

5 STARS - "Absolutely a MUST HAVE coffee!!! Amazing aroma and flavor!!"- Susan Bredl

5 STARS - "DELICIOUS!!!! I'm hooked! I ordered the French Vanilla and after tasting it I ordered the Decaf, Breakfast Blend and another French Vanilla. This is the most scrumptious coffee I have ever tried! It's very smooth and full flavored with no bitter aftertaste. I can't go without creamer but I use about a third of the amount that I use with other coffees. If this is what Luke's coffee tastes like I can see why Lorelei and Rory drank it so often! Yum Yum Yum! If you're considering trying it for the first time do yourself a favor and order some! You won't be disappointed!!!" - Kenna Sams

5 STARS - "Got my order today....LOVE it!!!! Can't wait for my cup tomorrow morning! (In a big mug of course!) My husband is equally as thrilled, and this is huge! He is picky about his coffee, but he might now have as big a crush on Scott as I do! Lol Thank you, Scotty!!!" - Erin Vanover

5 STARS - "I love this coffee!!! I got the French Roast and the Breakfast Blend. It is awesome! And the fact that it came from Scott Patterson makes it even better!!!" - Debbie Fiammi Evans

5 STARS - "I received some of this fantastic coffee as a Christmas gift from my hubby. He knows I’m a diehard Gilmore Girls fan, so why not try some of “Luke’s” coffee? Absolutely loved it, fantastic flavor! Will definitely be ordering some more, and telling my friends about it!" - Amanda Wajszczuk

5 STARS - "Starting my day with a cup of Scotty P's Breakfast Blend . 
I ordered Breakfast Blend and French Roast during the exciting pre-order and it arrived right on time. (Darn ! Lol no personal call to me, Lol) I am a long time , no sugar, no cream, coffee drinking gal. I found both roasts to be superb! Thanks Scott! I will order again very soon!" - Mary Berg

5 STARS - "I'm a huge fan of Gilmore Girls! Always wondered what Luke's coffee would taste like. I feel like Scott nailed it! Best coffee I've ever had! Will definitely order more flavors!" - Jacklyn Nicole 

5 STARS - "I ordered 4 bags. The order wasn't correct but that was the greatest surprise!! I have now tried Hazelnut, Breakfast Blend, French Roast & French Vanilla. This coffee is the best I have tasted! No joke here! There is no bitter aftertaste, it is smooth drinking and after. Amazing coffee! I will be reordering soon. The only bad part, I am drinking so much more coffee than I used to. It just tastes so good, why drink anything else?!" - Julie St. John

5 STARS - "I really love the French vanilla. Its better than the Dunkin Donuts coffee I sometimes get on my way to work!" - Nannette Mustillo

5 STARS - "Very smooth. Very good. I like it better than Starbucks coffee. Seriously! It doesn't upset my stomach. My husband loves it too! I really appreciate how Scotty P personally called on Christmas Eve to apologize for the delay in delivery. It was a super nice touch! Seriously though. I am an avid coffee drinker and this coffee is really so very good. My 14 year old now drinks coffee with me. Her favorite is french vanilla. I am a customer for life!!! Thank you Scotty P for such a wonderful treat!" - Esther Vandergaag Burchert

5 STARS - "Until today I had already tried the French Vanilla which I found to be flavorful but not overpowering. I didn't have to add anything other than a splash of creamer. Usually I am one to add both cream AND sugar. But as good as the French Vanilla is, and it is, I think I enjoy the Hazelnut even more. Once brewed and even before my first sip, I got a whiff of Hazelnut which smelled delicious. When drinking it, I really loved how the Hazelnut note comes through at the very end, leaving me with a very enjoyable taste experience. Also the shipping was expedited quickly. I ordered on the 10th and I received the shipping notice the very next day. Initially it said to expect delivery on Wednesday and here it is Tuesday with my coffee already in hand. Nice job." - Laurie Kransky

5 STARS - "My bag of breakfast blend arrived yesterday and I tried it this morning. It’s delicious! This is definitely my new favorite coffee! Also, it smells AMAZING!" - Christine Bagetakos

5 STARS - "My son who hates all things coffee walked in when I opened the bag and said "wow, that smell so good it makes me consider drinking coffee". That is a very big compliment. I have the privilege of knowing Scott and he is an amazing man and makes a hell of a cup of coffee. I think everyone should try this coffee I have bought ever flavor and have loved them all." - Charles and Rachel Taylor

5 STARS - "Wonderful coffee! My husband and I really love it!" - Ang Jason Knepper

5 STARS - "I loved the taste of the Breakfast Blend. So smooth and not too strong for me, I don’t like strong coffee. The truest test was my husband, he doesn’t drink coffee too often but when I gave it to him this weekend he couldn’t stop raving about how good it was. Only bad part is now I have to share with him!" - Michelle Minutola Finegan 

5 STARS - "We received our first order last week. We purchased the Breakfast Blend and the Decaf and we can absolutely say they are both smooth and some of the best coffee we’ve had. It’s easy to get caught up in the “Luke Danes” if you are a Gilmore Girl fan, but I have just recently watched Gilmore Girls and yes, it’s great and yes, that’s how I found out about this coffee but is goes beyond the Gilmore Girls.... it stands alone as a really, really good coffee!!! We will be buying more. Can’t wait for the k-cups!!" - Maggie Bolgrien O'Hara

5 STARS - "I ordered two packs - the variety pack, mostly for me, and the French Roast pack, as gifts for my two daughters boyfriends, who are both avid coffee drinkers. I live in Canada so had to order and pick up across the border. I might add it was also -26 out that day. Brrr...But the smell, even from the unopened boxes, was heavenly. I am not one who can drink coffee black, ick. However, the French Vanilla was so smooth and flavourful, black was perfect. I haven't opened the others yet, but can't wait! If they are even close to the FV, I will be a happy camper. My daughters bf's tell me the French Roast is great as well. Will definitely be a return customer. Thank you for putting so much effort into making a wonderful cup of coffee." - Connie Secord Heffernan

5 STARS - "DELICIOUS!! I anxiously stalked our mailbox waiting and have enjoyed a few cups now! The price is right and the quality is even better!" - Lisa Pugh

5 STARS - "Love the breakfast blend! Keeping me warm in cold Michigan! " - Evelyn Herman

5 STARS - "Absolutely in love with the Hazelnut blend of this coffee! So much so that I placed my second order for the 3-pack recently, but accidentally received the Variety Pack that included the French Roast & Breakfast Blend. Was quickly rectified by customer service with an email less than 12 hours later and they are letting me keep the two extra bags of coffee for FREE! That's customer service right there! Thanks so much for a wonderful product and service" - Monica Moehring

5 STARS - "Just ordered my second 3 pack! Coffee smells and tastes great. Nice smooth, rich flavor with just enough "punch" to let you know you are drinking a real cup of coffee. Also received an apology phone call for the initial shipping delays, and where I found it unnecessary it was much appreciated. Great to see a company that still finds customer satisfaction important." - Monica Ney Samson

5 STARS - "Happy New Year! I wanted to share with you that this past summer I eased myself away from my daily coffee fix. I just didn’t enjoy it. I drink it black, so it needs to have flavor. I was intrigued by your coffee and ordered the trio of Breakfast Blend. I brewed my first pot last week and I am HOOKED. What a delicious, smooth flavor- and no bitter aftertaste, which you get even from super expensive coffees!!! Thank you for reintroducing me to my old friend, caffeine!!" - Danielle Nealis

5 STARS - "This is an excellent coffee at a very affordable price. Fantastic flavor." - Kathy Farley

5 STARS - "The coffee has been wonderful and I love the robust flavor of the french roast. It was a wonderful Christmas present" - June Christman

5 STARS - "Just got mine in the mail. Super excited to try the hazelnut!!" - Jennifer Fincham

5 STARS - "Finally had a chance to try the Breakfast Blend and it did not disappoint. Already loved the French Roast and even the Scotty P mug made it taste even better. The best coffee I have ever had at home! (Or anywhere!)" - Andrea Zaccaro Yellen

5 STARS - "Excellent coffee! Arrived last week in lovely packaging and the aroma is heavenly. My husband ordered the hazelnut for me and the taste is smooth and nutty, without going overboard. I would highly recommend!" - Kristie Sampson Russum

5 STARS - "I love my breakfast blend. I'm using an auto drip coffee maker but plan to try the French Press. I also plan to try the Fench Vanilla, especially in the French Press. Home run Scotty P!!!" - Tina McPherson

5 STARS - "I ordered a 3 pack as a Christmas gift for my fiancée from her daughter as we are all huge Gilmore (and coffee) fans. It was a little frustrating at first with the shipping delays and not receiving the coffee until after Christmas, but the customer service was terrific throughout the entire situation. They were very responsive and apologetic and even sent additional coffee to make it right. On top of great service, the coffee itself is pretty outstanding. Great flavor and smooth finish. This will definitely not be our last order from Scotty P’s." - Russ Burton

5 STARS - "I absolutely love Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee...especially the Breakfast Blend. My only suggestion is to offer an auto-renewal program so it just keeps coming! Time to reorder!" - Angelina Helms

5 STARS - "I received my first bag of French Roast on Friday, its Monday and I'm almost out. My kids were home from college for Christmas break and we are all Huge Coffee Drinkers. We all Loved it. Good Rich Flavor but definitely not bitter. I want to try the other flavors but I'm so in love with the French Roast . I must say this is probably the best I've ever had hands down. You've outdone yourself Scotty P, and you now have a Customer for life" - Jennifer Tuttle Stout

5 STARS - "Beautiful aromas, bold flavors without being bitter... Amazing customer service and you can't beat the price. Definitely 5 out 5 stars." - Jenifer Koopman Morrisette

5 STARS - "Soooooo good! Omg like heaven in a coffee cup. I love that Luke made his own coffee. I love it. I bought a 3 pack French Roast, Breakfast Blend and Fench Vanilla and I usually don't like flavored coffees too much but this one I love! My mom loves it too! Well done Scott! Well done! I'll be ordering more when I have the money!!" - Jenna Graham

5 STARS - "Much to my surprise my coffee was delivered a few days early and I am hooked! Y’all this coffee is the best coffee I have had in a long long time!! I can see why Scott Patterson enjoys 10 cups a day!! I have been paying more for coffee and that stops now! My husband and I will be buying lots more coffee from Scotty’s Big Mug Coffee! " - Jamie Lyn Thompson

5 STARS - "One of the best cups of coffee I ever had! Love the Breakfast Blend!" - Christine Struble

5 STARS - "Shipping was fast! We ordered the French Roast since we're a fan of dark roast coffee. The coffee was very smooth yet flavorful and not bitter at all. We will definitely be ordering more in the the future!" - Megan Bykowski

5 STARS - "I ordered the French Roast (for myself) and the Breakfast Blend (for my mom) as well as the diner mug. I love the French Roast..I don’t usually drink my coffee without sugar and creamer but I tried it without and the taste is so smooth. I hope Scott does well so he can make us some more dark roast options...thanks Scott, I’m excited to try all of the blends!!" - Sasha Nava

5 STARS - "Best cup of joe hands down!!!!! I love the mug as well....very coffee shop like!!" - Gwen Poole Lanier

5 STARS - "I received my order today in the mail. (Bought a variety pack and a bag of decaf.) Had to try a cup right away! Used the ground coffee in my French press. Worked like a charm! Not too fine. The taste was nice. No aftertaste. A bold taste to the French Vanilla which was surprising since most flavored coffees are weak tasting. I liked it! Can’t wait to try the other varieties I bought! " - Iram Nazir Gaddis

5 STARS - "With a toddler and a newborn, my coffee habit has been kicked up a notch and as a result, I’ve become pickier. I just got my first order of Scott’s coffee and am blown away. I tried the French Roast today and it is so smooth and flavorful! I’ve honestly never made a better cup of coffee at home. I’m blown away!" - Leah Hinkle 

5 STARS - "I purchased the breakfast blend to start with.It was amazing!!! Could easily drink it all day, definitely will be purchasing more!" - Megan Elizabeth

5 STARS - "Strong and tasteful. Excellent coffee and well priced. The excitement of receiving this coffee as an avid Gilmore Girls fan made it more fun. Good luck with your coffee business...You will do great!" - Leann Gainer 

5 STARS - "Update: All flavors are amazing!! I will be ordering more, this will be the only coffee I drink! All I can say is OMG! This coffee is DELICIOUS! Usually most coffee is bitter but this coffee so so smooth! I ordered one of each and I can't wait to try them all!" - Destiny Munoz

5 STARS - "Amazing coffee!! I have tried the Breakfast Blend, and it is the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted. Not bitter at all, and it has a wonderful, rich taste! Can't wait to try all the other blends! Also it's a great dose of nostalgia reminding me of Luke's Diner. If the coffee tasted like this, no wonder Lorelei was in the diner every day! " - Churchill Clendenin

5 STARS - "Got my order today and immediately brewed up a cup of the French Vanilla, it was absolutely delicious, drank it black, didn't even need cream or sugar. I cannot wait to try the other coffee. My husband even requested this coffee in the morning to take to work, we've definitely found our go to coffee!" - Justine Burke

5 STARS - "I am a new coffee drinker and I've been searching for that "perfect" cup of coffee that I can drink black because it tastes so good. I've finally found it!! I only ordered the French Roast on my first order but it is so heavenly, I will definitely be purchasing the hazelnut and breakfast blend to go with it! I am only on my first cup but I am hooked! Seriously, this coffee is like heaven in my mouth! It was an added bonus to have Scott personally call on Christmas Eve to apologize for the shipment being late but let me tell you coffee lovers, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!! I am so impressed with this company, their service, and their coffee that I will be a lifelong customer! Thank you Scotty P!!" - Laura McNamara

5 STARS - "I ordered French Roast and French Vanilla. Love the smell of both. Had some coffee this morning. Love the taste. Drank it in my Luke’s coffee mug. Can’t wait to order some more." - Sarah Bryant Snyder

5 STARS - "I received my coffee today. It shipped much faster than I anticipated and the smell in the box was truly amazing! I had to try it right away, there was no way I could wait until tomorrow morning! The Hazelnut is delicious! I am so excited for my birthday weekend coffee! Thank you Scott!" - Jessica Bennett

5 STARS - "Heaven in a cup!!! I tried the Breakfast Blend to start just to see how the coffee coffee is. I normally drink flavored coffees so I CANNOT WAIT to order and get my hands on the Hazelnut and French Vanilla blends!! Somehow I just knew I should have splurged and got all the flavors! I mean seriously, how could this coffee be anything less than amazing??!! Excuse me while I order all the flavors and set a record on how quickly one person can go through a bag of coffee." - Rachel Nelson

5 STARS - "I received my coffee today (French Vanilla variety pack), and the smell from opening the box was amazing. I’ve only tried the French Vanilla so far, but it smells and tastes great! Some have mentioned not needing cream or sugar for their coffee, but I can never drink coffee black so I added regular milk and sugar. Even with those, the vanilla smell and taste was strong and made for some great coffee. I usually buy the French vanilla creamer and this is just as good!" - McKenzie Houck

5 STARS - "Love the fact that the Breakfast Blend doesn't have that bitter aftertaste that so many others have. My brothers and I finished a whole bag during their weekend visit. Highly recommended. Can't wait to try the other flavors out there. Great job, guys!!!" - Tara Linebarger

5 STARS - "I've been enjoying your coffee every morning. I will be ordering more soon!" - Kathleen Minch

5 STARS - "Breakfast blend is perfect. Starting out awesome, it somehow gets even better with each cup." - Charles McCloud

5 STARS - "The best coffee I have tasted. This will be the only coffee I'll be buying." - Jeanette Joye-Wheeler

5 STARS - "Ordered and tried the French Roast and it’s so smooth and smells just as amazing!" - Rebecca Schumper