Scott Patterson shares

new details about his

iHeartRadio Podcast

"I Am All In", in which he

watches every episode

of "Gilmore Girls" 

for the first time.

May 2021


Pres/CEO Scott Patterson discusses

the flavor, environmental, and health benefits

of Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee

KTLA - January 16, 2020

Scott Patterson explains the benefits of
the coffee cherry additive in our new 'House Blend' - Nov 2019
Our new 'House Blend', a freshly ground coffee with an organic and flavorful coffee cherry superfood added- Nov 2019
Scott Patterson joins Cameo

  The Doctors -Scott Patterson surprises Annmarie - Oct 2019

Scott Patterson ET Canada interview - Oct 2019
Scott welcomes the 1st group for his Meet & Greet
(Video courtesy of Rachael Puente Cunningham)
Scott Patterson surprises fans onstage at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival 
(Video courtesy of Rachael Puente Cunningham)
Scott greets the crowd at his ET Canada panel - Oct 2019
Scott Patterson at German Comic Con - Berlin - Sept 2019
Scott arrives at Atlanta "Gilmore Girls'' Coffee PopUp - Aug 2019
Atlanta enjoys "Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee" at UPtv Pop Up - Aug 2019
Scott Patterson on the Luke's Diner set - Aug 2019 
Scott Patterson, aka Luke Danes, visits Stars Hollow set - Aug 2019
Scott Patterson returns to Luke's Diner - Aug 2019